Why You Shouldn’t Stress Over Kaneva Layoff’s

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Ok, so I know the layoffs from Kaneva are sooooo two weeks ago, but I really hadn’t had time to sit down and think what I was going to write about.

Going through the forums, reading comments on this blog, and just generally talking to other members – I’ve noticed that a lot of people are stressing about the fate of Kaneva because of the layoff’s.  My thoughts – we are in tough economic times for everyone… and if Fortune 500 companies are laying off employees what would my make anyone think that a startup like Kaneva would be free from layoffs?

It’s a sad fact of life – Everyone’s gotta work…. they just don’t have to work here.  Will I miss those that got laid off?  Of course, but I still plan on keeping in touch with the ones that I enjoyed talking to.  I do feel bad for those that lost their jobs, but unfortunately that is one of the risks you take when working for a startup like Kaneva.  All of those that were good at there job will more then likely find a new one working for another company.

Why you shouldn’t stress – Too many people in Kaneva like to jump to conclusions or read to far into things (hence all the drama people seem to complain about).  Don’t get up in arms over the company changing…. companies have to be dynamic in order to survive…. “I DON’T WANT KANEVA TO GO CORPORATE” – Well, what the hell do you expect them to do.  You don’t honestly think that credit sales can keep the company afloat do you?  Kaneva has to look at all possible ways to bring in new income and get rid of as much expense as possible or else they will ultimately fail.  Why should this bother you?

If your stressing because you were friends with some of the GM’s – check out my post on staying in touch with people outside of Kaneva.

If your still stressed, think I’m wrong, or think this is some sort of conspiracy and that Kaneva paid me to write all of this then feel free to leave a comment and get it all out.  Love it or hate it – Kaneva, just like any business has to make changes to survive.

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Where The Hell Have You Been?

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So have you missed me?……. Well, that’s ok I didn’t really miss you either….ok, maybe a little bit…… alright, I missed you a lot – I just didn’t want to to come off as desperate.  It’s been a while since I’ve written a “real” post on here, but that’s because I’ve been very busy – what? too busy for you?…. No I’m never too busy for you – ok, maybe I was too busy for you these past few weeks, but I have good intentions.  What have I been up to?…. I’m glad you asked –

I love playing Kaneva and I love blogging, but two of my big passions are Internet Marketing (mostly affiliate marketing) and web design.  Recently I’ve been working on several new websites and I don’t know how many designers/programmers read this blog, but you will understand that a custom designed website from scratch can take anywhere from several days to several months to get up and running.

On the Internet Marketing side.  I recently signed up with a service called PPC-Coach.  For those that have never heard of PPC-Coach let me give a brief explanation of what PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising is and how it works in terms of affiliate marketing:

First lets start with “what is affiliate marketing” – affiliate marketing is basically selling or preselling offers for other companies.  When you hear or see the ads that talk about “making money online”… they are normally refering to affiliate marketing.  To become an affiliate marketer you can sign up with any of the following companies:



Each of these companies have there own offers with their own conditions for each of the offers.  Some of the offers only require that you get a user to enter a zip code or email address to get paid.  Pay-per-click advertising is buying ad space on places like Google, Yahoo, MSN, or Facebook.  You create your ad with the keywords you want to be listed for and then bid on those keywords.  You only put in a maximum bid so what you actually pay when someone clicks on your ad might be lower (in some cases a lot lower).  The best part of this type of advertising is that you only have to pay when someone clicks on your ad.  You use these PPC ads to send users to the offer that you are promoting.  The idea being that you spend less on advertisement of the product then you make when someone buys the product through your affiliate link.

Now I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for about 6 months now off and on and was struggling with it.  Mostly due to my lack of dedication.  Affiliate marketing is hard work (I put in about 5 – 8+ hours a day with affiliate marketing campaigns alone).  Since I was struggeling I decided I needed to seek help and get serious about it.  That’s when I found PPC-Coach.

PPC-Coach is a service that offers videos, tutorials, a private forum for answering all of your questions, tools (which are worth much more then the subscription cost), and direct contact with people who have been doing and succeeding with affiliate marketing for a long time.  Many of the senior members on the forum do affiliate marketing full time now and were able to quit their day job.  One of the most successful members of PPC-Coach makes an average of $3000 a day doing affiliate marketing (that’s about $90k a month).  This is the high end of the spectrum.  On average a lot of memebers will make a passive income of about $100-$1000 a day (that’s an extra $3k – $30k a month!).  Ok, Ok… I know all of this sounds really sales pitchy, but I wanted to share what I have been up to with all of you and thought that I would pass along this great program if any of you are interested in making money on-line: CLICK HERE to check out PPC-Coach.  The cost is $50/month – Canadian… so less then $50/month if you live in the US.  If you create a good campaign that $50 will be made back within a day so it makes for a good investment.  The money is basically to keep out those who aren’t serious about affiliate marketing – take a look around alot of  the other private forums for affiliate marketing cost at least $100/month and the free public forums are mostly BS… all they will do is insult you for asking what they consider to be a dumb question.

What else has been in the works?

Currently I am working on a plan to move The Kanevian Blog off of the servers and on to my own servers.  With this move will come a site re-design.  So between working on the new design and planning the move so that none of the posts or any of your wonderful comments are lost – it will take time.

I am also trying to plan more contests for the blog so in the comments let me know what you would like to see as contests/prizes for the contests.  Also, if you have any questions about affiliate marketing feel free to put those in the comments section also and I will try my best to answer them.

I know this was a super long post with a little bit of a sales pitch in it, but I am honestly trying to help out the Kaneva members that want to find a way to make a little bit of extra money while staying at home.  It is always inspiring when I hear that someone quit the day job that they hate because they now make enough money online using sites like PPC Coach.

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Can I Un-rave World Fame?

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I think it’s safe to say that everyone reading this blog is familiar with the blast column of their Kaneva profile.  You know, that big list of profile pictures and words in the center of your “2D command center”.  I’m starting to notice a trend in this little column of projected reflections and ramblings – and the trend… well…. to be honest is pretty damn annoying.

“Can I please have another 3 raves”, “Please rave this for me”, “Rave”, “I can haz rave plz”.  Why is this becoming so common?  I mean, I get marketing – you have to tell people about whatever it is you are putting out there to get it noticed.  However, is the outright begging really that necessary?

Not to mention, a lot of the stuff that I am being pleaded with to rave over, and over, and over again – isn’t really that great (IMO).  Hooray for you – you took a screen cap and cropped it …. does that really deserve my praise?  I mean, that is what the whole raving feature is for – to tell someone easily “wow I dig what you did here” or “I think you’re the proverbial bees knees”.

I get what you are trying to do – increase your world fame….. to be honest, I was almost happier when world fame didn’t exist.  That’s right boys and girls – there was time when people didn’t beg you to go to their party or club or rave their media.  They asked (notice this word is different) you to check it out – not rave it, but just check it out, because at that time raves really didn’t mean anything other then what was stated in the previous paragraph.

Ok, Ok, I know what your saying – “But SFNdust, don’t you send out a blast every time you write a new post”… as a matter of fact – Yes, I do.  The difference here is I generally send out between 1 – 3 blasts over several days for one post.  And in none of those blasts do I beg people to rave, comment, or sell me their organs (the musical kind – the bloody ones are just too gross).  There is a proper way for you to market your “whatever” to people – begging, to me, is just so low brow.  If you do good quality work, it will eventually get noticed…. it may be a little more slow – but I’ve found that organic marketing eventually yields the same results and you DO NOT lose your target audience.

These borderline spammers really need to re-think the way they are doing things or that target audience will slip away nearly as fast as it came.

I’m no marketing guru by any means, so I would love to hear your thoughts on this…. let me know in the comments below!

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How To Find Your Niche In Kaneva

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I’m a big fan of niche marketing, niche business, just niches in general.  Trying to target one specific thing and be the best at it was some of the best business advice I ever received.  I don’t like being a small fish in a big pond – I prefer to be the only shark in a tank filled with feeder fish.

A little more explanation and how this relates to Kaneva – I could be a club owner in Kaneva, but there are hundreds of club owners in Kaneva and I really have no ideas on how I could make myself stand out above the rest.  I could be a builder in Kaneva, sure I know how to move things around and layout the tiles, but I can’t texture worth a shit – so asking for payment to do this is kinda out of the question.

The first step in trying to find your virtual world niche is defining what you are good at.  I’ve been told that I “have a way with words”, so writing seems to be a good fit for me.  It took me a longggggg time to come up with the idea of a Kaneva Blog – sure there are other Kaneva publications out there, but I really didn’t see any blogs dedicated to it.  Hell, I’ve been in Kaneva for over 2 YEARS and just finally got around to writing a blog about it.

The second step in trying to carve out your niche in Kaneva is to become the best at what you do.  If you are good at something that a lot of people do, narrow down your feild to cater to something more specific.  This will cut back on competitors.

Even if you don’t have to narrow down what you do, you still need to identify your competitors and find a way to make yourself stand out.  I made myself stand out by using a blog format instead of a .pdf that doesn’t allow for open dialogue with readers.  I also like to think that my writing sets me apart from the other publications.

The third step, once you’ve dominated your niche, is to expand.  How can you expand what your good at through other avenues?  Recently, I launched Kanevian Blog Television (KBtv).  Right now there is only musc playing on the station – but there are plans for somethings that will be much more interactive (and hopefully more entertaining).

In Kaneva there are many “jobs” you can work yourself into:

  • writer
  • club host
  • club manager
  • club owner
  • dancer (erotic or otherwise)
  • dj
  • photographer
  • videographer
  • wedding coordinator

The list goes on, and on, and on – and I’m hoping to see it expand even more.

What I want to find out from the readers:

Have you carved out your niche?  Are you dominating it?  Why or Why not? – Let me know in the comments

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