The First Kaneva Update To Ever Make Me Mad

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In the past I’ve been annoyed by some of the issues that have cropped up with updates, but I was never really angered by it.  In this update they changed something that most users wouldn’t consider too important – your 2D profile page.

I spent several hours creating a complete custom profile page including custom graphics and css, dealing with Kaneva’s back-end systems that make it a pain in the ass to experiment with backgrounds and trying to make everything just the way I would like it.  Now I am left with this complete custom page being pushed to “Page 2” of my 2d profile!  What I’m left with is a landing page that shows  a bunch of useless info that I can’t get rid of like World Fame and Dance Fame… Who gives a shit what my world fame is, that says nothing about me as a person.  My original profile gives people insight into who I really am – not some status bar.

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy that they improved some things on the 3d side and added in a bunch of new assets – but c’mon….I want the option of what is displayed and how it is displayed on my profile.

I know I’m not the only one who is upset about this – I’ve seen other users complain about this on twitter and I’m sure if I spent a little bit of time on  the forums today I would see many more complaining.

So Kaneva – thumbs up for the improvements, but this is almost over-shadowed by the disregard for the work that some of put into their 2d profile page… I’m not talking about grabbing some blingtard myspace layout and tossing in the code – I spent many hours experimenting, designing, and coding for a one off page.

If you would like to review the notes on the new update check out THIS THREAD on the Kaneva Forums.

Let me know how you feel about the new updates in the comments below.




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How to Deal With An Avatar Identity Crisis

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Feeling a little upset about the recent changes to your avatar?  It really is amazing how we really do connect with our pixalated self.  Some people look nothing like their avatar in real life, but I would be willing to bet that your avatar has at least a few of the features that the person controlling him/her displays.

That is why it is no surprise that many people were upset when their avatar changed.  You feel like you lost that connection with your avatar – like it no longer represents who you are (or what you aspire to be).  While we wait for Kaneva to improve the facial design of our avatars, I have some suggestions for helping you build your connection with your avi.

1.  Create some UGC

That’s right – go out there and create something for yourself.  Kaneva might have messed up your avatars face a bit, but now you have the ability to create your own clothing with user generated content and really express who you are… Actually this can even be used express yourself more than your face ever could.

2. Post a profile picture

If you really want to show your true-self, the easiest way is to post your RL picture in your profile.  Whenever anyone right-click on your avatar in world this is one of the first things that catches their attention.  Why does it catch their attention? Because everyone has the same buttons when you click on them, but all of their pictures are different (for the most part).  This taps into something on a subconsious level, drawing the eye to to profile picture first.

3.  Create a name for yourself

Do you build things? – why not get out their and build more and become known as the best builder in-game.  Or you could become a photographer, or a promoter, or a DJ.  Hell, if you enjoy writing you could create a blog about your avatar.  Whatever you decide to do, do something that is unique that will make you stand out from everyone else.  This will really express your true self and will make it well known to others who you really are.

4.  Just change your clothes

Been wearing the same rags for a long time – why not look through your inventory and create a new outfit?  This one is pretty simple, but you may be surprised how much can be expressed from the clothing you already have.

5.  Start a conversation

Pick a topic that you are interested in or even take something from the news and bring it up in a public area.  Be careful to stay away from too much controversy because that may just push people away or even worse, get you banned.  Thoughts and opinions (or the lack thereof) can open the door to who a person really is.

The best thing to keep in mind is that you are a real person and no matter what your avatar looks like, you are still a real person with your own personality and style.  You may come to the virtual world for many reasons, but most people are here to express themselves or what they want to be.

Almost everyone has something interesting about them and to help you get over the avatar identity blues, I would like you to tell everyone one interesting thing about you (in RL) that they may not know, in the comments.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in-game.

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So Corelli Has Taken Quite A Beating Over The Past Several Days

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However, being a professional customer service manager he has managed to brush off the bad and address as many issues as possible.

In my last post I talked about how Paynomind had been banned from the forum and his thread had been removed.  As far as I know, Pay is still banned however the thread has been restored (and locked).  Corelli did address the whole censorship issue in the forums – “Moderate, Don’t Censor”.

Corelli also posted (during a long weekend non-the-less) about updates done this week and planned updates for next week to fix the main issues from Wednesday’s updates.

View the post HERE.

Corelli works hard to not only deal with general complaints about the game, but also has to deal with immature trolls who try to cause problems in the public areas of Kaneva.  Love him or hate him, Corelli has to deal with a lot of shit – almost all of it is out of his control…. I would suggest to each of you, when you see Corelli in world thank him for bringing your concerns to Kaneva development… this way when you do have a complaint, he may be more apt to get it addressed for you in the future.

If you want to learn more about how to complain and get results – check out this article.

For those Kanevians that celebrate it – have a happy labor day!

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A Glimmer of Hope After the New Kaneva Updates

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I was finally made aware of a recent post from Corelli (Customer Support Manager for Kaneva) that outlined pretty much what I was asking for –

What is Kaneva going to do about the complaints.  As you know, from my article about how to submit a complaint properly – you always want to ask the company what they are going to do and when.

This is currently what is posted on the thread:

In an effort to keep everyone informed and not have to re-post this in numerous threads, here is the latest news:

We have fixed the issue players were having with zoning, having their credits show correctly, seeing homes/hangouts/other players and items in their inventory, also the log in issue with the 2D web. It was all inter-related and we fixed it without bringing the servers down.

Tomorrow morning we will bring the servers down for fixes to the Try it Before you Buy it issue of not being able to try everything, the “naked” bug related to UGC items, some minor issues with the Catalog and your dance fame level not showing up correctly on the 2D side.

We are already working on the lighting issues for zones not where it is too dark, the dropping through the floors and inability to get to the top of homes/hangouts, the skin tone issue. The current plan is to have these in testing by the middle of next week and HOPEFULLY have them all fixed by the end of next week.

One of the male faces is getting tweaked from the feedback we have received. This may or may not be ready by the end of next week.

When I have more information I will update this thread.

CS Manager

Friday morning update: these fixes went in this morning on the live servers:

The fixes to the Catalog Try it before you buy it issues
The fix for the UGC related “naked” bug
Rave state error on the Non Youtube videos is fixed
The dance fame levels are again showing correctly on the 2D side

This afternoon we are doing a patch to fix the collision issues concerning falling through floors

Please make sure to check out the forum post for yourself as it will be updated – Click Here

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Your Complaint Sucks and No One Wants to Hear It

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No one wants to hear it because it is just like everyone else’s…. Now hear me out before you call me an asshole and stop reading.

From what I’ve been seeing on the Kaneva forums, after the recent update that has made a lot of people angry – Most people don’t know how to complain properly.  Therefore, I would like to offer some tips I have picked up from my time in customer service that may help you to get your complaint heard:

1.  Go to the top of the food chain.

Complaining to Corelli can only get you so far.  He is a customer service manager and only has limited power.  He can tell the designers and programmers that you are not happy, but he really can’t do much about it.  To get something done you have to do a bit of your own research and find out who’s on the top of the Kaneva food chain – actually no, you don’t have to do your research… I’ll give you the link right HERE.

2.  Don’t use expletives.

Using foul language just rubs people the wrong way to begin with – use it when you’re complaining and it will take even longer to get your issues resolved.

3.  Be explicit in stating your problem.

“I don’t like Kaneva cause it is teh suck” won’t get anything done for you – you have to be specific.  What is your problem with the update? Why is this a problem for you?

4.  When stating your problem try to use good spelling/grammar

You just look so much more intelligent when you do this – end of story.

5.  When complaining about a problem be realistic in your expectations.

Don’t expect Kaneva to fix the code that they just changed overnight – there may be a lot more involved then you realize.

6. During the course of your complaint – DO tell the company why it is important that your issue is fixed.

  • I spend X amount of money on this game (don’t lie, they can look up your purchase history).
  • I don’t want to refer people to play this game anymore (you will loose your free word of mouth promotional campaign.)

7.  After you have stated your complaint and summarized the situation – DO ask the company for action.

  • “What do you intend to do to fix this?”
  • “When do you plan to have the fix in place?”
  • “Is this something that could happen again?”

By following these steps it’s not gauranteed that your complaint will be resolved, however, your complaint will definelty be taken more seriously.  See you guys in game!

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