How To Design Clothes in Kaneva

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I see the question pop up all the time “How do I make clothes in Kaneva?”.  It’s not just the newbs that are wondering this either.  Veteran Kanevians like myself are always looking for hints and tips to make their designs top notch.  While looking through the forums I happened to find a link to Kaunaz’s DDK community.

On this community page I found many helpful tutorial which I am posting here to help those who are new to designing clothes in Kaneva.  I did not make these tutorial videos, they were made by other Kaneva users in a selfless effort to help other designers better their craft.  So check out the videos below and don’t forget to check out Kaunaz’s DDK design community along with the GimpArtists community.

Without further ado – here are your videos:

– Using Gimp To Create Clothing in Kaneva – Video By Kaunaz

– Advanced Tutorial For Creating Male Shirts in Kaneva – Video By LordWhiteTiger

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Using Corell Paint Shop Pro To Create a Shirt In Kaneva – Video By Diva42

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Using Photoshop to Make a Shirt in Kaneva – Video By Live4Him

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Hope you found these helpful.  Feel free to share your Kaneva Clothing design tips in the comments below.  A big thank you to the Kaneva users who have donated their time to create these videos!

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Obliging Responsibilities As A Blogger – Thanks For The Link!

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Yesterday I noticed that this blog was actually linked to from the official Kaneva blog.  My first thought was… Wow, that’s pretty neat…. even though I bash on them a bit and use what might be considered “inappropriate language”, Kaneva, Inc. was able to look past this and see The Kanevian Blog as a great source of marketing… So, thank you Kaneva!

My next thought was, ok so now that I’ve actually become a source referenced by Kaneva maybe it’s time I become a more responsible (and smarter) blogger…. you know; doing things like making my posts a little more SEO friendly, moving the blog off of onto my own server, look into a site re-design, bust my ass to get more subscribers, and occasionally write about something that matters.

In this post, I decided to write about something that matters…. Child safety on the internet (or “internets” as I like to call it… hahaha, but seriously folks).  This is becoming a bigger and bigger topic on Kaneva and has always been a big topic since the internet become a household fixture for almost every family across the world.

The internet has many positives and great learning opportunities for children. However, there also the inherent danger of a communication channel that is very large and fast.

We’ve all seen the To Catch A Predator specials on Dateline NBC and know that the existence of child predators are all too real. Many of these internet dangers can be avoided and I would like to offer some tips to the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, however you are that may have a child that uses your computer.

All of the suggestions below are recommended to be used together, not individually. Any kind of security (home, business, computer) work best in layers.

Use an Internet Filter

Many companies offer an internet filter that can be used to allow only the websites you would like your child to view. These filters can also be setup to monitor keystrokes your child makes on the computer and keep an extensive history of internet browsing history on your pc.

Companies, such as bsafe online (who come highly recommended by several ‘family values’ personalities) even offer integrated anti-virus and specific report features.

Internet filters are a great tool, however, kids are getting smarter with computers and may eventually figure out how to get around the filters (there is always a way to get the cheese from the mousetrap without getting caught). This is why I recommend other tactics for keeping your child safe online such as –

Location, Location, Location

Keep your computer in a “high traffic” area of your house. These areas could be

  • The family room
  • The living room
  • The kitchen
  • An office that is in an open location

Although a computer in a child’s bedroom may be okay for playing games or doing homework, this computer should not be connected to the internet.

If you have a child that is surfing the net, you should be able to see their computer screen with a quick glance. If you can’t, then it may be time to move your computer to another location of the house.

Laying Down The Law

Write up a list of rules for computer use and keep a copy of it next to the computer. Make sure you have read the rules over with your child and that they fully understand them, and the consequences for braking the rules. Also, have them sign a copy of the agreement to reinforce the importance of it (a good example of this agreement can be found on CNN’s website here).

You also will want to know who your children’s on-line friends are. You want to know who they are hanging out with in real life, why would this be any different on the computer?

Google Their Name

Google is a great tool for finding all sorts of things on the internet, including information about your child. Since social networking sites like myspace and facebook rank highly on search engines, there is a good chance you may be able to see your child’s personal page. By searching for their name, you might also see what type of personal information they may have gave out (you would be surprised at how much information you can get about someone if you have only their phone number).

Go ahead and play private-eye for a bit, the time spent may well be worth it.

As a side note about personal information on the internet:

If a site is specifically child oriented it must meet Federal Trade Commission guidelines. Find out if the sites they visit comply and what rules are in place. Under law, if a child is under 13, Web sites have to get parental permission to get personal information.

Who To Contact If You Think Your Child Might Have Been or Is Being Victimized.

Keeping your child safe online is one of those parental responsibilities that is new and always evolving. If you have any good advice for keeping children safe online, please post it in the comments below.

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Tips For Getting Your Ideas Heard

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The Virtual World of Kaneva recently launched Kaneva Ideas.  This new page is being used to help Kaneva understand what their members want and according to Coreli, is seen by top Kaneva Management.  The technology behind it is IdeaScale which allows users to post their ideas for improvement and then other users are able to vote the idea up or down and leave comments (positive, negative, or adding to the suggestion).

I’ve recently spent some time checking out the new Kaneva Ideas page and have came up with a few suggestions for those submitting an idea.

1. Separate Ideas

If you have a whole list of things you would like to see added/improved/etc. don’t put them all in the same post.  If I like a few of your ideas but dislike most of them then I will end up voting down the entire thing.  This isn’t the government, don’t attach riders (I think that’s the correct term).

2. Spell Check

C’mon please make your idea make sense by using grammar and spell check… I can’t vote up your idea if I don’t understand it.  I get that English is a second language to a lot of Kaneva users, but some of the attempts at making a cohesive thought are just awful at best.  Spell check and grammar check before posting your idea PLEASE!

3. Title Bait

In the affiliate marketing/seo world there is a term known as “Link Bait” which means writing an article or creating a page that naturally attracts backlinks.  I need you to naturally attract my eyes to the title of your suggestion with Title Bait… If you are only using one word chances are I’m not going to read the rest of what you wrote (unless it is a powerful word that really stands out among the rest).  Also, if your title is misspelled there is a good chance that the rest of your idea won’t make any sense… therefore, why waist my time.

4. Market your idea

Don’t just stop with a post to Kaneva Ideas – Send out a blast with a link to your idea…. hell, pay for a highlighted blast… those really do work for grabbing attention.

5. Watch out for Bugs

This one is more of a tip for those voting… When I was voting on some ideas this morning I noticed that the system was a bit buggy… I would click to vote on something and it told me that I had already voted on it.  All I had to do was close the window and vote again.  Hopefully this bug will be resolved soon as it may affect the outcome of votes.

I would love to hear suggestions from the rest of you on how to get your idea noticed and voted up.  What do you like/dislike about the new system?  Let me know in the comments!

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R.E.S.P.E.C.T – Find out what it means to me

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Anyone else notice that there are some Kanevians without blue names that have been a lot more friendlier then usual?  Or more willing to give advice to the newb’s all of the sudden?  Or my personal favorite – they’ve been reciting your Kaneva rights as if their next warning will be a yellow lettered kick.

If you were looking for an explanation for this – it’s because new advisor positions are coming up for grabs…. that’s right these folks are auditioning for the lead in Kaneva the Musical.

More can be read about this on the Kaneva forums –

Click Here To Read The Forum Post

Now to make myself clear – I have no problem with ANYONE helping out a newb… I mean, someone’s gotta do it.  I just have a problem with the show that some are putting on and thinking that the employees of Kaneva can’t see through it.  The unusual amount of ass kissing and dogooding (i.e. the rule reciting for no infractions whatsoever) is getting old.

I have an enormous amount of respect for our current advisors – their good people…. For those who are auditioning – you don’t have my respect yet so don’t act like you’ve earned it.


If your name is on the list of people who would like to be an advisor – treat it like you are applying for or trying to fit into a new job…. No one likes the new guy who tries to throw around his weight when he has no clout.  Everyone likes the new guy who is more then willing to help out and teach.

With that said – lean more towards the helping out and answering questions aspect of the advisor position then the rule enforcement aspect.

Take my advice however you would like, I don’t work for Kaneva so I don’t know what their decision making process is like and I don’t know how far back into someones Kaneva past they will be looking (or remembering) when deciding who the best fit will be.

And last of all – good luck to all of those applying for the advisor position….. you may have my respect in time, but you will have to earn it like the advisors that we have now had to.

to quote a little known film called “Spiderman” – “With great power comes great responsibilty”

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Can I Un-rave World Fame?

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I think it’s safe to say that everyone reading this blog is familiar with the blast column of their Kaneva profile.  You know, that big list of profile pictures and words in the center of your “2D command center”.  I’m starting to notice a trend in this little column of projected reflections and ramblings – and the trend… well…. to be honest is pretty damn annoying.

“Can I please have another 3 raves”, “Please rave this for me”, “Rave”, “I can haz rave plz”.  Why is this becoming so common?  I mean, I get marketing – you have to tell people about whatever it is you are putting out there to get it noticed.  However, is the outright begging really that necessary?

Not to mention, a lot of the stuff that I am being pleaded with to rave over, and over, and over again – isn’t really that great (IMO).  Hooray for you – you took a screen cap and cropped it …. does that really deserve my praise?  I mean, that is what the whole raving feature is for – to tell someone easily “wow I dig what you did here” or “I think you’re the proverbial bees knees”.

I get what you are trying to do – increase your world fame….. to be honest, I was almost happier when world fame didn’t exist.  That’s right boys and girls – there was time when people didn’t beg you to go to their party or club or rave their media.  They asked (notice this word is different) you to check it out – not rave it, but just check it out, because at that time raves really didn’t mean anything other then what was stated in the previous paragraph.

Ok, Ok, I know what your saying – “But SFNdust, don’t you send out a blast every time you write a new post”… as a matter of fact – Yes, I do.  The difference here is I generally send out between 1 – 3 blasts over several days for one post.  And in none of those blasts do I beg people to rave, comment, or sell me their organs (the musical kind – the bloody ones are just too gross).  There is a proper way for you to market your “whatever” to people – begging, to me, is just so low brow.  If you do good quality work, it will eventually get noticed…. it may be a little more slow – but I’ve found that organic marketing eventually yields the same results and you DO NOT lose your target audience.

These borderline spammers really need to re-think the way they are doing things or that target audience will slip away nearly as fast as it came.

I’m no marketing guru by any means, so I would love to hear your thoughts on this…. let me know in the comments below!

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