Why You Shouldn’t Stress Over Kaneva Layoff’s

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Ok, so I know the layoffs from Kaneva are sooooo two weeks ago, but I really hadn’t had time to sit down and think what I was going to write about.

Going through the forums, reading comments on this blog, and just generally talking to other members – I’ve noticed that a lot of people are stressing about the fate of Kaneva because of the layoff’s.  My thoughts – we are in tough economic times for everyone… and if Fortune 500 companies are laying off employees what would my make anyone think that a startup like Kaneva would be free from layoffs?

It’s a sad fact of life – Everyone’s gotta work…. they just don’t have to work here.  Will I miss those that got laid off?  Of course, but I still plan on keeping in touch with the ones that I enjoyed talking to.  I do feel bad for those that lost their jobs, but unfortunately that is one of the risks you take when working for a startup like Kaneva.  All of those that were good at there job will more then likely find a new one working for another company.

Why you shouldn’t stress – Too many people in Kaneva like to jump to conclusions or read to far into things (hence all the drama people seem to complain about).  Don’t get up in arms over the company changing…. companies have to be dynamic in order to survive…. “I DON’T WANT KANEVA TO GO CORPORATE” – Well, what the hell do you expect them to do.  You don’t honestly think that credit sales can keep the company afloat do you?  Kaneva has to look at all possible ways to bring in new income and get rid of as much expense as possible or else they will ultimately fail.  Why should this bother you?

If your stressing because you were friends with some of the GM’s – check out my post on staying in touch with people outside of Kaneva.

If your still stressed, think I’m wrong, or think this is some sort of conspiracy and that Kaneva paid me to write all of this then feel free to leave a comment and get it all out.  Love it or hate it – Kaneva, just like any business has to make changes to survive.


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4 Responses to “Why You Shouldn’t Stress Over Kaneva Layoff’s”

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Word. We will survive.

Regardless of what happened/s I really enjoy your blog.

“Why it should bother you” is because it calls into question Kaneva’s commitment to operating the World of Kaneva.

What you don’t seem to understand is that Kaneva must do what is best for Kaneva, NOT what’s best for the World of Kaneva. It’s not the same thing.

Kaneva has had several strategies over the years, and World of Kaneva has not always been a part of those strategies. It was founded to create and license a game engine to other companies, not to operate a virtual world. At one point it was all about media sharing. So the question is, is does Kaneva consider the WOK World part of their future. And looking at who got laid off, it does not look good.

The Director of Operations (ie the guy responsible for keeping the servers operating) was laid off. The product manager for the World of Kaneva (ie the guy responsible for planning the future of the WOK) was laid off. The creatives creating content for WOK were laid off. And everyone responsible for in-world customer support was laid off.

You don’t need to panic, because it will not do any good. But anyone spending significant amounts of money in the Kaneva world should probably think twice.

Your comments are overly optimistic. The concern should be that the parts of Kaneva that were let go were the only parts that actually could have grown the company or “go corporate” as you describe. A bunch of engineers writing code is not usually the economic engine blueprint for any thriving companies internet or otherwise.

I know many (including myself) were saddened to see some of the GMs go. We miss them, especially Corelli’s quick-witted text. I think that most of the anger and drama over that is controllable now. What I see that is really bothering so many now is that they are getting no answers to their questions from the “higher-ups” as to what direction Kaneva is heading. If the “higher-ups” would only take a few minutes to send a message letting everyone know what is going on, I think much of this would be resolved. I know that Gaelin posted a message from Klaus a while back but the message was vague. People want to know what to expect from the man himself in words that they can understand. A definateness of purpose so to speak. Also, I know that Sir and some others are trying to answer some of the questions and reply to some of the problems in the forums but the people need more. They need to know who to contact to get a reply in a reasonable amount of time without getting the same old support gibberish that is used to answer so many requests. Kaneva is run amuck with so much turmoil and problems that people need some kind of sensible answer; if nothing else than someone letting them know that their voices are being heard and a consistent response to their needs in game. This really needs to be taken care of because “They’re mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore!”

Keep Smilin’ 🙂

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