My Field Trip To The Kaneva Inc. Office

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Last Thursday I took a field trip to the real life home of the Virtual World of Kaneva.  A few days prior to this trip I sent a quick message to ShamelessPlugs – Kaneva’s head of marketing and public relations to talk to her about doing a guest post on Kaneva’s official blog.  We talked about meeting up for lunch and she offered me an invitation to come and meet the team at the Kaneva office.

Unfortunately, I was running late and missed most of the team as they were already at lunch.  However, I did get to meet many of the names that we know and (sometimes) love – Rotini, Corelli, and CKlaus were among those I was able to shake hands with and say hello to.

The visit started off by me getting lost in the large office complex that Kaneva is located in here in Atlanta.  Once I found the right building I was surprised when the elevator door opened and I was greeted by a vast blue wall that hosted the Kaneva logo – a very clean (almost zen like) lobby.  I was actually expecting the elevator doors to open and see doors that matched all of the others that I had seen in the other office building (the wrong one).  However, I was surprised to learn that Kaneva had grown so much that it needed it’s own floor.

I got a quick tour from ShamelessPlugs showing off the offices and seeing the employees hard at work to develop the 3d world of Kaneva.  After the tour concluded Shameless, Corelli, and I went to lunch and talked shop.  On the way over I got a nice surprise as we were accompanied on our walk by Chris Klaus (Kaneva CEO and Co-Founder) and Animesh Saha (Vice President of Kaneva Engineering) and was asked several questions about my feelings on Kaneva and was told about some of the new exciting features to come – such as user developed flash games and new deeds that will soon be released.

At lunch we talked about my feelings on the changes made to 2d profiles, some of my pet-peeves with the game, some of the things I would like to see, and one of the most important things of all… the changes YOU would like to see.  We talked about how Kaneva Ideas has made it easy for customer service to keep track of all of the changes the users would like to see and get the attention of these ideas from developers and Kaneva upper management.

Corelli and I discussed challenges faced by customer service professionals (I have spent many years working in the technology industry with several degrees of customer service).  Overall I was happy to see how much Kaneva wants to listen to their users input to make changes (even though those changes sometimes seem to take forever).

Like a dummy, I forgot to bring a camera – but I am hoping to make more trips to their office and will try to take some more pictures (and show up on time so I can meet more of the staff).  They were very nice to me and if nothing else made great company for lunch.

OK – Now the fun part of this post for you guys…. ANOTHER COMMENT CONTEST!!!!

While I was at the office I was given a Dance Party 3D card (the card they used to sell at Target) worth 1500 credits as a gift.  I wanna give these credits to you!!!!  This contest will be very similar to the last comment contest I had on the blog, but there are a few changes so read the rules below:

  • To enter in this contest all you have to do is simply leave a comment on this post.
  • Leaving a comment will get you one entry.
  • To get a bonus two entries send out a blast linking back to this post (use this link:
  • See Below for a picture of what your blast should look like
  • Make sure to send me (SFNdust) a screen cap of your blast either through kmail or through email – kanevianblog (at) gmail (dot) com.
  • Winner will be selected by random drawing
  • Contest ends Friday March 6th at 11:59 PM EST and no late entries will be accepted.
  • Winner will be announced Monday March 9th – Winner will have 3 days to claim their prize in the virtual world or a new winner will be selected.
  • I have the right to change this contest at any time – this is something I don’t have to do so don’t bitch!
  • NEW: No using alt accounts – If I catch you… all of your entries are disqualified… let’s keep it fair =)

What your blast should look like:


Tips for helping me help you: When you leave a comment for the contest use your Kaneva Screen Name and an email address that is valid so I can contact you easier if you win.  If you email me a screen sot of your blast, please include your Kaneva Screen Name in the email.  If you have any further questions – feel free to PM, Kmail, or Email me.

So let’s get to it Kaneva – Come and win your 1500 credits!!!

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The Kanevian Blog Halloween Contest

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Ok, so Kaneva announced their Halloween Hangout Builders Contest, but some of you may not have the credits or the cash to participate… Here at the Kanevian Blog, I want to help you out with that.  First, here is the prize that is up for grabs:

  • 2 standing skeletons
  • 2 cobweb decorations
  • 1 skull candle
  • 500 credits

And now for the rules – To enter in this contest all you have to do is simply leave a comment on this blog (anywhere on this blog).  Leaving a comment will get you 1 entry.  Want a special bonus entry?… how about this, if you blast or re-blast a link to this post (… you will get an extra 3 entries…. What’s that you said?  You want another way to try to win?… ok, I will give you another 2 bonus entries if you put the below graphic up in your club during a party.

Here’s what all of this means – you can have up to 6 entries in this contest!  I will randomly select from the entries for the winner.  The contest starts today and will end on October 22nd at 9 am EST.  The winner will be announced on the 23rd.

Now for some more rules – You may not use alt accounts for extra entries… If I catch you, all of your entries will be disqualified.  If you blast or reblast the link to this post – you must email a screen capture of it to SFNdust at Gmail dot Com.  If you place the ad banner in your club, it must be during a party (you have to have more than 10 people in your club) and you must have either myself (SFNdust) or Paynomind come and look at it for proof.

The cliff notes version:

  • You win stuff to help you win the Halloween Builders Contest – or just use for yourself
  • Contest starts right now and ends on October 22nd at 9 am
  • Winner will be selected from random drawing
  • No alts, if you are caught, you are disqualified
  • Comment on any post = 1 entry
  • Blast or Re-blast this link – “” = 3 entries (don’t forget to send proof)
  • Put the ad for this blog up in your club during a party = 2 entries
  • Any other questions – feel free to email me, Kmail me, or PM me


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