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Acknowledgment –  telling someone they did a great job, telling them they are an ass, just telling them something.  Acknowledgment comes in many forms – a shape shifter in its own right.  I’ve been acknowledged in both the positive and negative sense at many points in my life…. to me, just the acknowledgment is important – I don’t care how it comes.  I welcome positive acknowledgment and use negative acknowledgment for self improvement.

But, now I’m digressing – In this post I want to introduce my own personal way of acknowledging the citizens of Kaneva who stand out to me – I want to shine a spotlight in their direction!

Quite a while ago I noticed a Kanevian who always seemed to have a positive outlook and fantastic sense of humor.  I had the pleasure of interviewing this Kanevian, but got much more of a bang for my buck when this motorcycle riding army veteran requested his well known wife also be interviewed.

Let me introduce to you Captain and Mrs. Captain – The Harleys


When asked about his positive attitude in world and in the forums, The Captain attributes this to his upbringing from his grandmother and his decision that it was better to be happy regardless of what happens then it was to be sad… it comes from his love of people.

MrsCaptainHarley’s positive outlook also comes from a love of people… she believes in acknowledgment… acknowledgment of an issue being fixed or a job well done.

“Everyone likes to know they’re appreciated.”

These two are very industrious, and this can be seen in the beautifully designed Landsend hangout.  I asked the duo if they had any tips for club owners – According to Captain H, people like different activities, it’s good to mix things up a little bit, don’t just have a dance off.

The Mrs. adds – greet the people and recognize them… especially when they are new.

I asked CaptainHarley to give me a good reason to go to lands end…. his comedic response (with great delivery and timing) – “because I’m there”.  For those that are interested – Landsend is being redisgned (and may actually be completed by the time this post hits) to cut back on the lag…. I visited the hangout several weeks ago and was quite impressed with the building/design.

I asked the Captain and his wife what they like doing the most

“I’m a bit of a showoff”

CaptainHarley’s favorite Kaneva activity is hosting parties where there is a lot of “give and take” conversation.  MrsCaptainHarley enjoys building and helping out the n00bs (my word not hers =)).

Captain has built several places of interest including:

These hangouts were built with some forward thinking ideas – hosted at one of these hangouts (I believe Landsend) is a Kaneva Marketplace – a place for builders and designers to show off their work and hopefully pick up some new business, A Kaneva Stock Exchange – a place to fund different Kaneva companies and make some profit of your own.

Built on it’s own land is the impressive Kanevan Parliament – CaptainHarley would like to see a participatory democracy within Kaneva with Parliament positions being filled by elected officials (talk to him for more information on this).

I asked the two how they stay drama free

MrsCaptainHarley told me that the two just try to do their own thing – if the situation gets bad, they just go somewhere else.

As for Captain H – He makes it “painfully obvious” the he is happily married.  Him and his wife also try to be in the same place at the same time.

The Captain begins to rack up some brownie points as he tells me that MrsCaptainHarley (his Real Life Wife by the way) is very kind, very affectionate, and very loving.

As a former counselor and mediator, CaptainHarley prides himself on being able to help peacefully solve disputes between Kaneva members.

So, if you haven’t gotten a chance to meet CaptainHarley and the Mrs’ – swing on by Landsend or just say hello if you see them in the mall!

Do you know someone that should be in the Kanevian Blog Spotlight? Send me a Kmail or PM and tell me why.

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