And The Winner Is …..

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So about 2 weeks ago we started a contest here at the Kanevian Blog – The idea was simple, leave a comment anywhere on the blog and/or do a few more things to get some entries into the contest.

For each entry I created a line in an excel spreadsheet with the username, email address, and IP adress of the contestant (to help keep out cheaters).  Each line had a number assigned to it and in total there were only 33 entries – not a huge number, but that makes it easier for everyone to have a chance at winning.  Some people even increased their chances of winning by hanging a Kanevian Blog banner at their club, leaving at least one comment, and re-blasting the contest for a total of 6 entries – 6 out of 33 really helped to increase your odds of winning.

To choose a winner, I used the Truly Random Number Generator to pick a number between 1 and 33.  The number that came up was matched to the numbers assigned in excel.  The winner is someone who used all avenues to enter the contest, resulting in 6 total entries (I told you that would help increase the odds of being a winner).

Now without further babbling (and lack of a drum roll)…. The Winner Is…….


Congratulations to FlowerChild and a big thank you to all that entered.

FlowerChild, I will be emailing you at the address you provided – you will have until Monday Oct. 27th 2008 to respond so that we can coordinate the transfer of your prizes.

To everyone else, if I do not receive a response by Monday then I will re-draw for a new winner again on Tuesday Oct. 28th – so keep checking the blog (and your email) just in case.

Thanks again to all who participated – I plan on having more contests in the future so I look forward to your suggestions for contest ideas!

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The Kanevian Blog Halloween Contest

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Ok, so Kaneva announced their Halloween Hangout Builders Contest, but some of you may not have the credits or the cash to participate… Here at the Kanevian Blog, I want to help you out with that.  First, here is the prize that is up for grabs:

  • 2 standing skeletons
  • 2 cobweb decorations
  • 1 skull candle
  • 500 credits

And now for the rules – To enter in this contest all you have to do is simply leave a comment on this blog (anywhere on this blog).  Leaving a comment will get you 1 entry.  Want a special bonus entry?… how about this, if you blast or re-blast a link to this post (… you will get an extra 3 entries…. What’s that you said?  You want another way to try to win?… ok, I will give you another 2 bonus entries if you put the below graphic up in your club during a party.

Here’s what all of this means – you can have up to 6 entries in this contest!  I will randomly select from the entries for the winner.  The contest starts today and will end on October 22nd at 9 am EST.  The winner will be announced on the 23rd.

Now for some more rules – You may not use alt accounts for extra entries… If I catch you, all of your entries will be disqualified.  If you blast or reblast the link to this post – you must email a screen capture of it to SFNdust at Gmail dot Com.  If you place the ad banner in your club, it must be during a party (you have to have more than 10 people in your club) and you must have either myself (SFNdust) or Paynomind come and look at it for proof.

The cliff notes version:

  • You win stuff to help you win the Halloween Builders Contest – or just use for yourself
  • Contest starts right now and ends on October 22nd at 9 am
  • Winner will be selected from random drawing
  • No alts, if you are caught, you are disqualified
  • Comment on any post = 1 entry
  • Blast or Re-blast this link – “” = 3 entries (don’t forget to send proof)
  • Put the ad for this blog up in your club during a party = 2 entries
  • Any other questions – feel free to email me, Kmail me, or PM me


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The Importance of Fame

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Many people have their own reason for why their fame level is important to them.  Some will tell you it’s because they want to appear on the Kaneva Leaderboard, some may like all the activities that go into creating fame, and some are like me – they enjoy the rewards every time a new fame level is reached.

Since I’ve been “remodeling” my Kspace, I’ve really needed the rewards (I’m too cheap to buy credits).  I could care less about the titles, popularity, or anything like that.  Although, being on the leaderboard might increase the amount of traffic to this site, which would be nice [HINT – Link to this page from your profile =) ].

Here are all of the current ways to earn fame (look at this forum post for the latest ways to earn fame):

Fame Packets you can earn only once:

  • Invite a Friend: 10 join Kaneva
  • Invite a Friend: 25 join Kaneva
  • Invite a Friend: 50 join Kaneva
  • Add 5 friends in Kaneva (different than the Invite a Friend program), adding 1 new friend will trigger 4 of your current friends to “count” to the total
  • Create a hangout or use a deed

Repeatable Fame Packets— These can be done as many times as a day as you want.

  • Dance Floor: 10 unique members visit your dance floor
  • Dance Floor: 35 unique members visit your dance floor (you get a double bonus for both the 10 and 35 packets)
  • Home: 10 unique members visit your home
  • Home: 10 unique members visit your home (double bonus for both the 10 and 35 fame packets)
  • Hangout: 10 unique members visit your hangout
  • Hangout: 10 unique members visit your hangout (double bonus for both the 10 and 35 fame packets)
  • Home Raves: every 10 raves your home receives
  • Hangout Raves: every 10 raves each of your hangouts receives
  • Community Raves: every 10 raves each of your community receives
  • Pattern Raves: every 10 raves an uploaded pattern of yours receives
  • Photo Raves: every 10 raves an uploaded photo of yours receives
  • Video Raves: every 10 raves an uploaded video of yours receives

Once a day
: these fame packets can only be gained once a day

  • Log into the 3D world
  • Spend more than 10 minutes in the 3D world
  • Spend more than 3 hours in the 3D world
  • Dance to difficulty level 10 in the Dance Fame Game
  • Sign in and visit your “My Kaneva” page (it still works if you have the automatic sign in when you open the bookmark)
  • View 3 media detail pages (click on any 3 pieces of media)

And here is a list of all of the current fame packets (look at this forum post to see all of the latest fame packets :

Level Reward

  1. 100 Rewards
  2. Rave Me InMotion Shirt, 100 Rewards
  3. 100 Rewards
  4. 100 Rewards
  5. Kaneva Belt Buckle, 100 Rewards
  6. 100 Rewards
  7. 100 Rewards
  8. Rave My Place LED, 100 Rewards
  9. 450 Rewards
  10. Up-and-Coming Title, 450 Rewards
  11. 450 Rewards
  12. Green Acres Hangout Deed, 450 Rewards
  13. 450 Rewards
  14. 450 Rewards
  15. It’s Party Time LED, 450 Rewards
  16. 450 Rewards
  17. 450 Rewards
  18. LED Light Pants, 450 Rewards
  19. 450 Rewards
  20. Achiever Title, 450 Rewards
  21. 450 Rewards
  22. Sexy InMotion Shirt, 450 Rewards
  23. 450 Rewards
  24. 450 Rewards
  25. Glass Water Floor, 450 Rewards
  26. 450 Rewards
  27. 450 Rewards
  28. Winking Stars InMotion Pants, 450 Rewards
  29. 450 Rewards
  30. Over-Achiever Title, 450 Rewards
  31. 450 Rewards
  32. Clock Necklace (men), Gold Necklace (women), 450 Rewards
  33. 450 Rewards
  34. 450 Rewards
  35. Flame InMotion Shirt, 450 Rewards
  36. 450 Rewards
  37. 450 Rewards
  38. Gold Watch, 450 Rewards
  39. 450 Rewards
  40. Rising Star Title, 450 Rewards
  41. 450 Rewards
  42. Boombox, 450 Rewards
  43. 450 Rewards
  44. 450 Rewards
  45. Chain Necklace (men), Heart Choker (women), 450 Rewards
  46. 450 Rewards
  47. 450 Rewards
  48. Wink InMotion Shirt, 450 Rewards
  49. 450 Rewards
  50. Almost Famous Title, 450 Rewards
  51. 450 Rewards
  52. Nose Ring (men), Diamond Earring (women), 450 Rewards
  53. 450 Rewards
  54. 450 Rewards
  55. Classic Water Fountain, 450 Rewards
  56. 450 Rewards
  57. 450 Rewards
  58. I’m Awesome InMotion Shirt, 450 Rewards
  59. 450 Rewards
  60. Famous Title, 450 Rewards
  61. 450 Rewards
  62. Chain Armband (men), Gem Bracelet (women), 450 Rewards
  63. 450 Rewards
  64. 450 Rewards
  65. Laser Light, 450 Rewards
  66. 450 Rewards
  67. 450 Rewards
  68. Round Earring (men), Star Earring (women), 450 Rewards
  69. 450 Rewards
  70. Celebrity Title, 450 Rewards
  71. 450 Rewards
  72. Rock Star InMotion Shirt, 450 Rewards
  73. 450 Rewards
  74. 450 Rewards
  75. Deco Water Fountain, 450 Rewards
  76. 450 Rewards
  77. 450 Rewards
  78. Grabby Hands InMotion Pants, 450 Rewards
  79. 450 Rewards
  80. Super Star Title, 450 Rewards
  81. 450 Rewards
  82. Hot InMotion Shirt, 450 Rewards
  83. 450 Rewards
  84. 450 Rewards
  85. Fish Tank, 450 Rewards
  86. 450 Rewards
  87. 450 Rewards
  88. Speedboat InMotion Shirt, Fish InMotion Pants, 450 Rewards
  89. 450 Rewards
  90. Mega Star Title, 450 Rewards
  91. 450 Rewards
  92. Equalizer InMotion Shirt, 450 Rewards
  93. 450 Rewards
  94. 240″ TV, 450 Rewards
  95. 450 Rewards
  96. Pool, 450 Rewards
  97. 450 Rewards
  98. Leather Trenchcoat, 450 Rewards
  99. 450 Rewards
  100. Legendary Title, 450 Rewards

As I mentioned earlier in the post, I’m remodeling my house so here are some pictures of my progress – Enjoy!

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Extreme Home Makeover – Kaneva Edition

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Well… kind of.  In the ABC television series “Extreme Home Makeover”, one family who’s been hit hard by bad luck and circumstance is given a completely remodeled home.  In almost all cases the home is torn down and rebuilt.  In this edition of Extreme Home Makeover, I am not helping some unfortunate Kanevian (although this may be a contest in the future).  I am simply re-doing my digital abode.

Sometimes you just get bored with your space, or you are just inspired when you get to visit one of the many well designed/built homes in Kaneva.  In my case, it is both.  The first thing that I did after signing back into Kaneva after my short vacation, was to remove everything from my living space.  I mean everything.  I even set all patterns back to default.

Luckily,  I did not have a lot of “stuff” in my Kaneva apartment, so the job of “demolition” was quite simple.  Over the next few weeks (possibly months) I will be showing off the re-design and looking for feedback – positive or otherwise.  During this time of rebuilding, I will also try to interject some design and building tips for the inexperienced – or those just wanting to learn more.  For now, enjoy the view of what an empty Kaneva city loft looks like.

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