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Where The Hell Have You Been?

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So have you missed me?……. Well, that’s ok I didn’t really miss you either….ok, maybe a little bit…… alright, I missed you a lot – I just didn’t want to to come off as desperate.  It’s been a while since I’ve written a “real” post on here, but that’s because I’ve been very busy – what? too busy for you?…. No I’m never too busy for you – ok, maybe I was too busy for you these past few weeks, but I have good intentions.  What have I been up to?…. I’m glad you asked –

I love playing Kaneva and I love blogging, but two of my big passions are Internet Marketing (mostly affiliate marketing) and web design.  Recently I’ve been working on several new websites and I don’t know how many designers/programmers read this blog, but you will understand that a custom designed website from scratch can take anywhere from several days to several months to get up and running.

On the Internet Marketing side.  I recently signed up with a service called PPC-Coach.  For those that have never heard of PPC-Coach let me give a brief explanation of what PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising is and how it works in terms of affiliate marketing:

First lets start with “what is affiliate marketing” – affiliate marketing is basically selling or preselling offers for other companies.  When you hear or see the ads that talk about “making money online”… they are normally refering to affiliate marketing.  To become an affiliate marketer you can sign up with any of the following companies:



Each of these companies have there own offers with their own conditions for each of the offers.  Some of the offers only require that you get a user to enter a zip code or email address to get paid.  Pay-per-click advertising is buying ad space on places like Google, Yahoo, MSN, or Facebook.  You create your ad with the keywords you want to be listed for and then bid on those keywords.  You only put in a maximum bid so what you actually pay when someone clicks on your ad might be lower (in some cases a lot lower).  The best part of this type of advertising is that you only have to pay when someone clicks on your ad.  You use these PPC ads to send users to the offer that you are promoting.  The idea being that you spend less on advertisement of the product then you make when someone buys the product through your affiliate link.

Now I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for about 6 months now off and on and was struggling with it.  Mostly due to my lack of dedication.  Affiliate marketing is hard work (I put in about 5 – 8+ hours a day with affiliate marketing campaigns alone).  Since I was struggeling I decided I needed to seek help and get serious about it.  That’s when I found PPC-Coach.

PPC-Coach is a service that offers videos, tutorials, a private forum for answering all of your questions, tools (which are worth much more then the subscription cost), and direct contact with people who have been doing and succeeding with affiliate marketing for a long time.  Many of the senior members on the forum do affiliate marketing full time now and were able to quit their day job.  One of the most successful members of PPC-Coach makes an average of $3000 a day doing affiliate marketing (that’s about $90k a month).  This is the high end of the spectrum.  On average a lot of memebers will make a passive income of about $100-$1000 a day (that’s an extra $3k – $30k a month!).  Ok, Ok… I know all of this sounds really sales pitchy, but I wanted to share what I have been up to with all of you and thought that I would pass along this great program if any of you are interested in making money on-line: CLICK HERE to check out PPC-Coach.  The cost is $50/month – Canadian… so less then $50/month if you live in the US.  If you create a good campaign that $50 will be made back within a day so it makes for a good investment.  The money is basically to keep out those who aren’t serious about affiliate marketing – take a look around alot of  the other private forums for affiliate marketing cost at least $100/month and the free public forums are mostly BS… all they will do is insult you for asking what they consider to be a dumb question.

What else has been in the works?

Currently I am working on a plan to move The Kanevian Blog off of the servers and on to my own servers.  With this move will come a site re-design.  So between working on the new design and planning the move so that none of the posts or any of your wonderful comments are lost – it will take time.

I am also trying to plan more contests for the blog so in the comments let me know what you would like to see as contests/prizes for the contests.  Also, if you have any questions about affiliate marketing feel free to put those in the comments section also and I will try my best to answer them.

I know this was a super long post with a little bit of a sales pitch in it, but I am honestly trying to help out the Kaneva members that want to find a way to make a little bit of extra money while staying at home.  It is always inspiring when I hear that someone quit the day job that they hate because they now make enough money online using sites like PPC Coach.

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Tips For Getting Your Ideas Heard

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The Virtual World of Kaneva recently launched Kaneva Ideas.  This new page is being used to help Kaneva understand what their members want and according to Coreli, is seen by top Kaneva Management.  The technology behind it is IdeaScale which allows users to post their ideas for improvement and then other users are able to vote the idea up or down and leave comments (positive, negative, or adding to the suggestion).

I’ve recently spent some time checking out the new Kaneva Ideas page and have came up with a few suggestions for those submitting an idea.

1. Separate Ideas

If you have a whole list of things you would like to see added/improved/etc. don’t put them all in the same post.  If I like a few of your ideas but dislike most of them then I will end up voting down the entire thing.  This isn’t the government, don’t attach riders (I think that’s the correct term).

2. Spell Check

C’mon please make your idea make sense by using grammar and spell check… I can’t vote up your idea if I don’t understand it.  I get that English is a second language to a lot of Kaneva users, but some of the attempts at making a cohesive thought are just awful at best.  Spell check and grammar check before posting your idea PLEASE!

3. Title Bait

In the affiliate marketing/seo world there is a term known as “Link Bait” which means writing an article or creating a page that naturally attracts backlinks.  I need you to naturally attract my eyes to the title of your suggestion with Title Bait… If you are only using one word chances are I’m not going to read the rest of what you wrote (unless it is a powerful word that really stands out among the rest).  Also, if your title is misspelled there is a good chance that the rest of your idea won’t make any sense… therefore, why waist my time.

4. Market your idea

Don’t just stop with a post to Kaneva Ideas – Send out a blast with a link to your idea…. hell, pay for a highlighted blast… those really do work for grabbing attention.

5. Watch out for Bugs

This one is more of a tip for those voting… When I was voting on some ideas this morning I noticed that the system was a bit buggy… I would click to vote on something and it told me that I had already voted on it.  All I had to do was close the window and vote again.  Hopefully this bug will be resolved soon as it may affect the outcome of votes.

I would love to hear suggestions from the rest of you on how to get your idea noticed and voted up.  What do you like/dislike about the new system?  Let me know in the comments!

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My Sound Is Soooo Down That …

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Blaming Tim - Photo by Paynomind

Blaming Tim - Photo by Paynomind

How Down Is Your Sound” – this sounds like some new reality show you might see on MTV (Since they don’t actually play music videos anymore).  However, this was a contest that Kaneva actually ran back in September of 2006.

How many of you even knew that Kaneva existed back in 2006?  Hell, how many of you even had your drivers license back in 2006?

Anyways, this was a contest used to highlight musicians and help promote The Virtual World of Kaneva.  The idea behind the contest was that musicians would upload their music and a picture of themselves… then for several weeks people would vote for the top 10 musicians.  After the voting had been tallied, the musicians would then perform in front of a panel of Music Industry pro’s for a chance to win:

  • A free recording session at Dallas Austin’s DARP Studios in Atlanta, where superstars TLC, Boyz II Men, Madonna and Monica have put down chart-topping tracks.
  • A five-song demo recording deal with Atlanta’s Block Entertainment, with an estimated cash value of $50,000.
  • A one day song writing internship with Grammy Award winning producer Sean Garrett.
  • $7,500 Cash!

I’m writing this article with a bit of selfishness today.  You see, I am in a band myself.  I am a drummer for a local Atlanta band – BlamingTim (we get compared to Ben Folds Five a lot).  The original “How Down Is Your Sound” contest appeared to be more geared toward Hip-Hop artists…. I myself, am not a huge fan of hip-hop, but to each his own.

I would like to see Kaneva have another musically focused contest (or even a live concert broadcast in world) featuring a plethora of bands that span across musical genres.  I’m not talking about uploading a music video of a band that you like.  I’m talking about a band uploading their music or videos of their own performances and having the users of Kaneva voting for their favorite.  A contest that involves more work from the entrants then simply going to YouTube, finding a video and then coping the embed code over to Kaneva…. A contest that more closely ties Real Life entertainment into The Virtual World of Kaneva.

What are your thoughts on this?  Let me know in the comments below!

Selfish Plug for Those Who Live in Atlanta:

BlamingTim will be playing live not once, but twice this week!  On Wednesday Nov. 19th at the Drunken Unicorn and our CD/Video Game (That’s right a F***ing video game) release party on Nov. 21st at North River Tavern – Check out for details.

Selfish Plug for Those Who Live Everywhere Else:

Our new CD/Video Game releases on Nov. 21st – it’s called “Blaming Tim’s Relapse Adventure” and will be available for purchase on our website.

A Note To Kaneva Employees:

I know that you guys are local here in Atlanta so feel free to stop by and check us out on our Nov. 21st show (there is no cover).  Let me know that you work for Kaneva and I will be happy to get you all of our contact info (We Want To Perform In World!).

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Brain Storms Bring a Chance of Lighting, But Likely Just Wet Ground

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My last post talked a lot about my frustrations with Kaneva publishing new and more, rather than fixing what is there currently. One of my biggest complaints was that there was not only new content, but entirely new games, that are completely contrary to the point of Kaneva itself, which is a chatting, talking, and social networking.

The responses were amazing! I love hearing what you guys think. While technically this is SFN’s blog, he allows me to post my opinions, and the comments are where you guys get to speak your mind. We have the eyes of several people inside Kaneva, so it’s a nice platform to be able to speak about Kaneva, vent a little, and to suggest solutions. Not just bitching, but solutions, right? That’s the rallying cry.

“If you hate it so much, just leave,” missed the point so entirely, it flabbergasts me. I don’t hate it. I love Kaneva. I am frustrated by how close they are to having an amazing social networking world. I just believe they are adding on new rooms to the house before they paint the walls in the existing rooms. Or, more specifically, I think they are adding a horse stable to a house in the city, where the oven doesn’t work, and you have to change channels on the TV with a broomstick. Fix the damn TV, and what do we need with a place to keep horses anyway?

But, complaining never fixes anything. At its best, it only serves to motivate someone else to fix things. At worst, it makes those best capable to fix things resentful and they reject your input, however valuable. There is already a forum for input with Kaneva, the Kaneva… well, uhm.. Forums. But, as we all know they are flooded with posts. I fear that some real valuable input and ideas get lost in the white noise.

So, here are some ideas for games that could be integrated into Kaneva, while allowing and embracing the community, and social togetherness.

The most excited I’ve been to walk around a building in Kaneva in a long time was when the Help Center launched -Grabbing coins? Holy Mario Brothers flashbacks! I LOVE grabbing coins, and the ‘cling’ sound makes me grin like a 7 year old coming down the stairs on Christmas morning. So, obviously that technology exists in the world, right? How about a coin grab game? Set the coins around Kaneva City (the most underused section in the game. Also the most poorly named, but I’ll get into that another time) and have a timed game where you run through the city, find the location of all the coins, in the quickest time possible. Challenge your friends. “I can get them all in 1:32 i bet you cant get under 2 min.” Then, randomize the locations either every time you play, or once a week. You fly through the corridors of the city, your friends harassing you, making fun, then when you get the last one, your score pops up. reset the scores every two hours or something. I think this sounds fun, and I’d play!

The card games have been well documented. Poker, Hold Em, Canasta, even Black Jack. If there is a betting concern, just have a game begin with everyone having 500 “monies” and let them go wild. Cards are a social, talking, playing, fun game that everyone knows. They would allow talking, teasing, getting to know each other.

Tag. How simple a game. Your name or tag glows a different color, when you are “it” and you would need to chase down other avatars. Once you were able to touch someone else, they would then be “it.” And of course- no tagbacks for a certain period of time. The most important part of this game would be the ability to play ANYWHERE. Special hangouts could be built to play, or you could get a game going in the plaza or the mall. I have seen people playing their own version on the Kaneva Football Field, for hours. So I know that people would enjoy it.

Also, as stated elsewhere, a random number generator in the chat window could facilitate many other betting or guessing games. Type /number 1-100   and out would spit: 37.  type /number 1-10 and out comes 7. Easy!

Then, there are scheduled-event-type games. Things that would require some GM/Advisor participation, set up, administration. But, nonetheless games that I feel would be of great fun:

Kaneva Klue – Somebody done it. Assemble the “Klues” to find out if it was Gaelin in the Plaza with a 240″ flash screen, or maybe GM_Andre in the mall with an arched window.
Scavenger hunt – Distribute a list through a community, and have players search for the items, which would be like coins, in all public locations. But, maybe not animated and flashing. They could only be picked up by a player once, then they’d regenerate for the next person. They would be added to the player’s inventory, and they could come use them in front of the person leading the game, to show a completed list. This could be done in teams, collaborating to scour all sections of the world, or even solo.
Builder contest – Building the best hangout or home, with a holiday theme is cool, but to the credit rich go the spoils, often times. A more “Creative Builder” contest could be done. Each entrant would be given is list of 7 different items, (the number could change.) Then, they use ONLY those 7 to create something interesting, beautiful, funny, or clever. The most creative use of these items would be given a prize.

These are just some simple ideas that I’ve thought of, or I’ve heard friends come up with. What do you think of these game ideas? Do you think they fit the social network better? Do you have any game ideas of your own?


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