Rumors are Confirmed – Kaneva is Shutting Down

Posted on April 1, 2009. Filed under: Controversy, Kaneva Inc. | Tags: , , |

This morning I got an email from an inside source at Kaneva.  This source has asked to remain nameless, however they still wanted me to pass along this information.  They sent me a link to a video that will be released later this week announcing the shutdown of Kaneva, Inc.

I don’t like the fact that Kaneva was going to wait to make their user base see this video, so I decided to go ahead and post it.  Check it out below – or CLICK HERE to view the video.


Feel free to leave comment sharing your thoughts, opinions, or memories of Kaneva.


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12 Responses to “Rumors are Confirmed – Kaneva is Shutting Down”

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is that cklaus singing ?lol

hahah funny! (wont admit it but i used to like that song, man was it really that cheesy then?)

HA HA!! good one!… too funny!

pfft, Aprils fools, you almost caught me….

I actually believed it lol. I really wouldn’t be surprised tho if they were shutting down.

pretty cheesey considering the mass layoffs….engineers which is all that is left aren’t going to keep Kaneva alive long so get your laughs in now….

Burn in fucking hell asshole, people lost ther jobs and youre rickrolling us like this shits funny…you should fucking burn…Kaneva rocks! Alan880 fucking 7 Gaelin, im sorry…i will forever defend kaneva….even if i dont agree with decisions…..they were kanevas choices…and people are making fun of it.

I love how some people can miss the joke so much they would wish death on someone – I didn’t say one bad thing about Kaneva in this post, and I have PERSONALLY met some of the people that lost their jobs….. you want to wish that I burn in hell, that’s fine – you wouldn’t be the first…. but I think you are blowing this slightly out of proportion.

omg it was shock then uncontrolled laughter, nice one.

i hope they sue you for slander

3 month’s later… no lawyers knocking on my door…. and I think you should look up slander before you use the word =)… anyone who possibly could have been offended by this told me it was funny

ok, that video is one of my favorite songs and it made me lmfao. kaneva is already becoming a fond or not so fond memory to me. the lastest releasing of that deed is too little to late for me. the firing of the best damn kaneva employees started it for me and it has just snowballed from there. the closing and deleting of threads is absolutely ridiculous. the banning of long time loyal members is shameful. the retaining shitty ass advisors like NYminute is another bullshit step by kaneva. they change rules to suit themselves. i am so completely over it.

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