A Final Farewell – And My Last Giveaway

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For those who haven’t noticed…. I haven’t been on Kaneva in several months.  I’m doing just fine, but I’ve become overwhelemed with lots of other projects.  Those that know me pretty well know that I am a drummer, I’ve been playing drums for almost 16 years.

Recently I’ve been involved with a new website all about drumming (I’m not posting the link here since it really isn’t relevant to this blog – if you want it… message me – I still check my kmail occasionaly).  Along with playing in my own band I have also started part time work as a drum tech for an amazing Atlanta drummer and have been running his entire online presense (twitter, myspace, facebook, website).  Along with my real job I just don’t have the time to write on this blog or actively participate in Kaneva any more.

This isn’t to say that I might not pop back in world on a slow day to say “hi”, but I definetly don’t have the commitment time needed to write quality blog posts for all of you wonderful (well at least most of you are) people .

Love me or hate me, doesn’t really matter in the end… the people that I was close with on Kaneva love me and that’s really all that does matter.

Now for my last giveaway –

I’m giving away this entire blog!!!  That’s right the whole fuckin thing!  This isn’t some random drawing contest though…. I will choose the winner and if you don’t like who I choose – too fuckin bad… it’s my blog and I’ll give it away if I want to =)

Anyone who is interested in taking over this blog, please send me a kmail that includes information for how long you’ve been on Kaneva … how much time you spend on Kaneva a day (average)….. and why you want this blog.

But wait!! that’s not all.  I will also hand over the keys to the Kanevian Blog community on Kaneva and the Kanevian Blog Mogulus account.

That’s right bitches… I’m handing over the keys to my kingdom empire!  So get those kmails sent – impress me and you get it all!


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