5 Reasons To Buy An Access Pass

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It’s a debated topic – is the access pass worth it? For those who aren’t familiar with this little digital access badge, it’s what Kaneva uses to verify you are over 18. However, it does cost a small fee – $15 for a year. Really, $15 isn’t that much…. That’s like the cost of about 4 packs of smokes (unless you live in one of those states that taxes the shit outta ’em), or all the snacks you would buy from the vending machine over a week or two, or hell – a dvd player on Black Friday.

Anyways, if you are on the fence about buying this little novelty item – here are some reasons you may want to consider bellying up to the bar and making that purchase:

1. Prove to the world (of Kaneva) that you are over 18

Ok so it’s not 100% proof – because you could swipe mommy or daddy’s credit card, but I would say that the strong majority of people who have an access pass are in reality over the age of 18. I know my personal choice is to really only converse with members who are over 18, so if they have an access pass – I can easily tell that they are of age.

2. Get access to places you wouldn’t normally see

Places like the underground are kind of neat, but I’m talking about the user created hangouts…. the late night lounges, the adults only hangouts. These places aren’t necessarily pornographic or sexual…. they just appeal to a more mature crowd…. and if makes you feel like part of an exclusive crowd.

3. You won’t be the anchor to your group of friends.

If all of your friends want to go to one of the clubs mentioned in reason number 2, and you don’t have an access pass…. you may be the reason they are stuck hanging out in the mall with all the kiddies.

4. You can keep your house public and filter your visitors.

It’s amazing how much crap $15 can keep out. People who just want to annoy you or beg for credits either aren’t 18 or won’t spend the $15 for an access pass. So if you have this little gem, you can now filter out all those little annoyances who might stop by your pad un-announced and you can keep it open to public access all at the same time.

5. You get to see boobies!!!! And who doesn’t like a nice set of boobs (in real or cartoon form)?

Ok, so you don’t get to see the whole thing – but you get to see a lot more then allowed in un-access-passed areas. It’s really only the equivalent of a bathing suit, but it’s enough to get the over developed imagination going.

Everyone has there own reasons for buying or not buying an access pass. What are yours? Tell me in the comments!

If you are interested in picking up the access pass or an access pass bundle you can purchase it securely through Kaneva by clicking HERE.

p.s. – Kaneva web marketing team – you may want to optimize your access pass landing page a bit more… sure it’s got some good SEO keywords, but it doesn’t make a big sales pitch and the link to buy doesn’t reall jump out at you… just my $0.02 =)

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How To Design Clothes in Kaneva

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I see the question pop up all the time “How do I make clothes in Kaneva?”.  It’s not just the newbs that are wondering this either.  Veteran Kanevians like myself are always looking for hints and tips to make their designs top notch.  While looking through the forums I happened to find a link to Kaunaz’s DDK community.

On this community page I found many helpful tutorial which I am posting here to help those who are new to designing clothes in Kaneva.  I did not make these tutorial videos, they were made by other Kaneva users in a selfless effort to help other designers better their craft.  So check out the videos below and don’t forget to check out Kaunaz’s DDK design community along with the GimpArtists community.

Without further ado – here are your videos:

– Using Gimp To Create Clothing in Kaneva – Video By Kaunaz

– Advanced Tutorial For Creating Male Shirts in Kaneva – Video By LordWhiteTiger

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Using Corell Paint Shop Pro To Create a Shirt In Kaneva – Video By Diva42

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Using Photoshop to Make a Shirt in Kaneva – Video By Live4Him

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Hope you found these helpful.  Feel free to share your Kaneva Clothing design tips in the comments below.  A big thank you to the Kaneva users who have donated their time to create these videos!

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How to Deal With An Avatar Identity Crisis

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Feeling a little upset about the recent changes to your avatar?  It really is amazing how we really do connect with our pixalated self.  Some people look nothing like their avatar in real life, but I would be willing to bet that your avatar has at least a few of the features that the person controlling him/her displays.

That is why it is no surprise that many people were upset when their avatar changed.  You feel like you lost that connection with your avatar – like it no longer represents who you are (or what you aspire to be).  While we wait for Kaneva to improve the facial design of our avatars, I have some suggestions for helping you build your connection with your avi.

1.  Create some UGC

That’s right – go out there and create something for yourself.  Kaneva might have messed up your avatars face a bit, but now you have the ability to create your own clothing with user generated content and really express who you are… Actually this can even be used express yourself more than your face ever could.

2. Post a profile picture

If you really want to show your true-self, the easiest way is to post your RL picture in your profile.  Whenever anyone right-click on your avatar in world this is one of the first things that catches their attention.  Why does it catch their attention? Because everyone has the same buttons when you click on them, but all of their pictures are different (for the most part).  This taps into something on a subconsious level, drawing the eye to to profile picture first.

3.  Create a name for yourself

Do you build things? – why not get out their and build more and become known as the best builder in-game.  Or you could become a photographer, or a promoter, or a DJ.  Hell, if you enjoy writing you could create a blog about your avatar.  Whatever you decide to do, do something that is unique that will make you stand out from everyone else.  This will really express your true self and will make it well known to others who you really are.

4.  Just change your clothes

Been wearing the same rags for a long time – why not look through your inventory and create a new outfit?  This one is pretty simple, but you may be surprised how much can be expressed from the clothing you already have.

5.  Start a conversation

Pick a topic that you are interested in or even take something from the news and bring it up in a public area.  Be careful to stay away from too much controversy because that may just push people away or even worse, get you banned.  Thoughts and opinions (or the lack thereof) can open the door to who a person really is.

The best thing to keep in mind is that you are a real person and no matter what your avatar looks like, you are still a real person with your own personality and style.  You may come to the virtual world for many reasons, but most people are here to express themselves or what they want to be.

Almost everyone has something interesting about them and to help you get over the avatar identity blues, I would like you to tell everyone one interesting thing about you (in RL) that they may not know, in the comments.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in-game.

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An Offer You Can’t Refuse

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There are so many different groups on Kaneva, all fighting for new members.  Probably, the most well known group and the one that has been around the longest is the Kaneva Mafia headed by Joeby.

I’ve been approached in the past about joining the mafia (I am friends with many of the members), but I never really took it under strong consideration…. until this morning when I was asked again to join.

I was worried that joining may restrict what I can and cannot write about on here…. however, I was assured that it wouldn’t.

My thought process then turned from “You can’t join because it will hurt this site” to …. how can this site and it’s readers benefit from me joining a group (any group… not just mafia).

1. Networking

Any good business person knows that leveraging the strengths of your network can help improve the results of any project your are working on…. it needs to be kept in mind that you must also give to your network.

2. A sense of belonging

Everyone wants to belong to something – whether you think you do or not – you want to belong… trust me.

3. Meeting more people

I love meeting the people on Kaneva… joining a group helps you to meet more people… isnt’ that a big part of this game anyways?

4. A different perspective

Joining a group in-game can open up a whole new point of view that you might have never had before joining that group.

I haven’t yet stated that I’m joining any groups or not, but I am taking it under careful consideration and will decide on whether or not to apply later today…. even after I apply, I still have to get voted in.

Why would you join or not join a group in Kaneva? let me know in the comments below.

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