Thy Kingdom Has No Clothes

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The forums are a tricky, odd little realm of Kaneva’s product offering that is largely overlooked. Chances are, most of you here on this blog have spent at least some amount of time there. Many of you, tired of the moaning and groaning that is frequently the method (or topic), have avoided the forums. Myself, I couldn’t resist them, and have replied to many items, too many times. I’ve angered the autocrat in charge one too many times as well. Mostly because one subject in particular really gets my blood boiling; Nanny-ism.

I know that Kaneva reads the forums pretty carefully. When they hear a particular concern voiced repeatedly, they begin to assume this is how a majority of users feel about a subject. The mistake there is, the ones who post the most on the forums are the Flanders, nose-in-other-peoples-business, i-know-better, pushy, self-righteous, hear-my-demands-on-what-you-do type of people that the world (K and RL) would be better off not having to listen to.

I think the AP clothing conversation was laughably pathetic. I cant believe that anyone, save the one or two real conservative wackos in any room, would care one twit about what our Barbie and Ken dolls are wearing.

If YOU don’t like it, leave the mall, the party, the plaza, whatever. You don’t ever have to look at anything you do not want to.

If you think you need to protect MY kid from it, mind your own GD business. It’s my kid, I’ll take care of it. And all parents I know feel the same way.

Seriously, if you don’t have anything better to do than to complain about how much tan jumpsuit a barbie doll is wearing, you need to buy a tv, or a macramé set, or something.

AP is a strange animal. We have to prove we are over 18 by supplying a credit card, to get a “pass” that allows us to see…. swimsuits? underwear? knee-length boxers? (edit by SFNdust – but it is a great way to keep the trolls out of your home/hangout)

Those are all things anyone can see at the beach, on a mannequin at the mall.

Time for a logical argument:

Lets be realistic about this, and stand on the shoulders of giants. OK, in a movie, what does a G rating mean? It means it is appropriate for everyone. PG means that a parent may need to explain some more complex issues around subjects, violence, or sexuality, but that anyone can attend. PG-13 means that no one under 13 is admitted without a parent,(but anyone 13 or over can attend without parents) due to violence, sexual situations, alluded-to nudity without actually showing the nipple or genital, and or language of a sexual nature, including the “second tier” of cuss words, such as word for the behind, flatulence, and upstairs female genitalia. Also, drug references, logos, and items can be shown, but not used. Then, rated R means that no one under 18 can see the movie unless accompanied by parent or guardian, due to partial nudity including nipples, fleeting glances at genitalia, and sexual talk, as well as full on violence, and full drug use can be pictured. NC-17 shows insertion, graphic violence, etc.

So, as I understand it, AP pass should be, and marketed (at the very least) as, allowing R-rated functions and displays, (R at the very least. It could be argued even up to an NC-17. You prove you are an adult, you get AP. Means you can get into an NC-17 movie, right?)

Simply through the registration process, the world does not allow members to be in world who are not over the age of 13. So, the world itself is PG-13 without a pass… and (lets just say) R with the Access Pass.

So, with AP, I should be able to see avatars with full tan tights, with nipples, and tiny lingerie bottoms. I should be able to see people injecting drugs and smoking pot.

Without AP, simply in world, I should be able to see scantily clad people, as long as their genitals are covered, and they are not engaged in sex. I should be able to see someone with a Pot shirt, talking about pot, as long as i don’t see him toking it. (Edit by SFNdust – this post is making me hungry)

See where I am going with this? The rules are already established in a well regulated industry, also in the Entertainment category.

Under 13 is excluded, so abide by PG-13 rules.

That’s it. It is that simple.

And if you don’t like PG-13 movies or virtual worlds, don’t watch them, or visit them. Club Penguin is accepting new members. Toon Disney has some fun little games for your small little minds.

As it turns out, shortly after writing this article, my good friend FrayedKnot posted on the forums on this exact topic. I replied, voicing my support for him, and my disdain for those who try to tell us that they know better on how we should live our lives than we ourselves can decide.

little known fact – that tricky, odd little section of Kaneva’s product offering is a kingdom with quite the monarchy. Different from the World, or the 2D site, the forums are overseen by one person, who is in full charge of who has access and who doesn’t.  As it turns out, my opinion was not appreciated, accepted, nor tolerated.

I have been permanently banned from the forums for telling people to mind their own business. Strange twist of irony, I think.

I tell people that their opinions alone shouldn’t decide the game, shouldn’t ruin the experience for the rest of us, that their opinions of who is wearing what are the minority, and that they have no right to decide on their own what is appropriate, rude, or unacceptable.

Then, I get told my opinions are the ones that are not welcome, by being banned. Permanently.

Interesting. So, my fellow reader, be sure that you tell people they are harassing you with their clothing, tell them they are a disgust to the community, tell them they are inappropriate and should know better. Tell them that if you saw them at the mall that you would call the cops and have them arrested.

But don’t tell someone that they are being silly and should leave other people alone. That sort of thing will get you banned.

The king will ban you from his castle. And so goes the monarchy. Random and capricious.


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