Why you should properly tag your Kaneva Assets and Clothing

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Well, I thought about making the title of this post “Tag that ASSet”.  Although it would have been funnier, it really wouldn’t have been that descriptive.  Kind of like when you upload media or a clothing design and the tags you use for it aren’t that descriptive.

Unfortunately Kaneva seems to only let you use one word tags… which doesn’t work that well because when people search, they generally search on phrases.   I mean think about it, when you type something in the Google, you don’t search for “ladybug” you will more than likely search for the phrase “ladybug Halloween costumes”…. ok…. *steps off of soap box and gets to the point*.

I was thinking about creating a post about some of the best clothing designs, but then I started thinking… how do I tell which clothes were copied from other people… well I could search on relative terms, but the problem with that is most people don’t spend the time to create proper tags for their items…. or even worse – no tags at all.

See in the web development world, we try to get as much traffic as possible by optimizing our sites for search engines – this is generally referred to as SEO or search engine optimization.

When you are creating tags for your items in world you are optimizing your tags to get the best possible results… try to use as many different tags as possible to describe each item.  I even like to toss my screen name into my tags so that people can just search on my name.  Remember, the easier your stuff is to find the more people will rave/view/purchase/etc.  This is one of the easiest ways to make your Kaneva gear and media stand out above all others… it only takes an extra few minutes to come up with a tag list… and you already put a lot of hard work into it anyways, what’s an extra couple of minutes.

As a final note… DO NOT use misleading tags for your items…. this will just add frustration and yeah, your stuff might get seen, but if someone wasn’t looking for what you are offering in the first place – there is a very slim chance that they are going to buy it.

I would also like to take a minute to annouce that I’ve added a new writer to the Kaneva blog… I would like to give a welcome to the avatar everyone knows as Paynomind… can’t wait to see his first post.

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