I Support Freedom of Speech on the Internet – Do You?

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I was recently contacted by Kaneva user Paynomind and informed that one of the threads he had started had been removed and he has been banned from the Kaneva forums.  Although, I don’t know that I necessarily agree with everything Pay has to say… I do believe in free speech on the internet.

Therefore, I have decided to publish the post from the thread that was deleted.  I am also in possession of the Kmail that was sent to Pay from Corelli, however, I will not post this because I do not believe in posting what is meant to be a private discussion.

As you read this post – please bear in mind that these are the views of Kaneva User Paynomind and not myself.

Without further ado –

I’m not leaving. BUT.

I really hate seeing people bring up that its in beta. It has been for two years now.
I really hate seeing people telling us to stop complaining. Complaints and constructive criticisms are the only way they will know what users want, and what they need to improve.

I really hate seeing anyone pretend that “you had preview server to register your complaints” when *I* personally posted a message telling them that the guys faces looked terrible, that the hair was pathetic, and they DELETED that post, even after no less than 6 other users replied agreeing with me. Many of you said the guys faces looked poor. Many of you replied that the lighting was dark, that there were issues.

I really hate the fact that in my 18 months on Kaneva I have noticed a pattern: Kaneva cares WAY more about launching the “new exciting thing” than they do about fixing bugs in the game, in usability, in the way things work.

I felt is really hard in my backside when they reduced rewards to practically nothing. This was ignoring what got most of us hooked. The building, the clothes, then, we bought credits. Doesnt matter. Here is your piddly 100 credits.

Can you imagine any other product you use that required you to throw away the old one to use it? Can you imagine any other product that required you to delete all of your cookies, temp files, reboot the computer, and reinstall the product just to use it?
Can you imagine buying a product that had a problem that the manufacturer told you would be fixed, and it wasnt, over and over?

There is simply no excuse that Kaneva has had “bugs” and poor usability for over a year, while they launch Dance Game, Dance Fame, World Fame, New Faces… all while every one of us asks them to simply let us skip a track while we play a list of videos. While we want to sit DOWN, rather than hover. While we cant message multiple people who are online. While we cant texture the 5 thousand credit boats we own.

Kaneva has shown a willful choice to ignore bugs. To ignore user complaints. To ignore what we really WANT, to shove crap down our throats like World Fame. Like these new horrible faces.

What I have determined is this: Kaneva does not care.

They had meetings over a year ago, where lists were presented to management. From Corelli. From the forums. From users of the game. These lists contained the same complaints we have today. Kaneva management said, “these are not important, only new features are important.” So they discarded is disregarded these request, these complaints.

Kaneva does not care what its user base wants or thinks about the product. If they did, things would be smooth, clean, work well. We would not have new, unneeded features and products. We would have a product that worked well with no bugs.

Do you have that? Neither do I.

Its because Kaneva doesnt care about us. They just want to sell the software platform to another large company, to make the owners another couple of bucks.

I hope you enjoy being used. Thats all this is. You, being used by millionaires and billionaires, trying to get richer.

Comments are open.  I would love to hear what you and Kaneva have to say about this situation.

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