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About Kaneva

It’s a brave, new world.

Combining a social network and a virtual world, Kaneva brings profiles and entertainment to the 3D realm in a modern-day, online digital world full of real friends and good times. Kaneva provides a whole new way — a more human way — to connect with friends online.
Kaneva members create the digital version of themselves — avatars — and then meet up in a vibrant, 3D world based on the modern day. Every Kaneva member gets a Kaneva City Loft — their own 3D space — that they can decorate and furnish in their unique style. You can bring your favorite videos, photos, music, and games, and watch them on your 3D televisions. You can invite friends to hang out in your 3D home or meet up in any of Kaneva’s public spaces and chat in real-time. You can shop for the latest fashions or home decor, chat, dance, play games, watch TV and movies, and come back again and again to explore and have fun in an ever evolving world full of exciting people, places and entertainment.

Kaneva History

Pioneering the virtual world revolution.

According to Gartner, over 250 million people will be in virtual worlds by 2011.

This is the world we live in. At Kaneva, we’re blurring the line between the online and offline world. We’re creating a place where you can live out the 3D you as an extension of the real you. Instead of a virtual, non-realistic world, Kaneva is an extensible world that brings together the best of life and enables online connections and encourages and enhances real friendships.

Kaneva, Latin for ‘canvas’, is a digital canvas for creativity and entertainment. We continually evolve our world so that members can connect with others, share interests, build communities and 3D spaces, and share media.

Designed for the masses, Kaneva is easy-to-use, fun, and exciting. Jump in and play!

The birth of Kaneva.

A few years ago, one of the youngest and brightest Internet pioneers of our time, Christopher Klaus, was at the helm of his wildly successful brainchild, Internet Security Systems, Inc. (ISS). In 1993, long before the Internet became a household name, Chris was one of the first to recognize the need for Internet security. He founded Internet Security Systems and continued to lead the company’s technological vision. In 2006, Chris helped sell the company to IBM at a total value of more than one billion dollars. Throughout his tremendous success in the security field, Chris never let go of his early passions for gaming and entertainment.
Long before Web 2.0 became a buzz word, Chris started thinking of ways to harness the Internet’s power to fuse online communities, gaming, media sharing, social networking and immersive communication in a single forum. At the same time, Chris recognized the power and future of a 3D Internet. He envisioned user-friendly 3D hangouts for people to meet, interact, play games, watch entertainment and have a great time.
Thus, Kaneva was born. Kaneva is the first to integrate social networking, shared media, and collaborative online communities into a modern-day, immersive 3D world for the masses. Kaneva…imagine what you can do, do what you can imagine.

“I believe virtual worlds and MMOGs (Massively multiplayer online games) will be the next fully immersive way to engage with each other. We are in the infancy of this exciting new industry and are excited about the many opportunities to innovate and bring humanity together in ways that several years ago would only have seemed like science fiction.”
– Christopher Klaus, Kaneva founder and CEO


Christopher W. Klaus – Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Focused on driving overall vision and strategy, Christopher W. Klaus is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Kaneva, a rapidly growing social entertainment world. Christopher is also highly regarded as one of the youngest and brightest Internet pioneers of our time as well as a foremost philanthropist and community leader.
At Kaneva (Latin for “canvas”), Christopher has been leading the drive to build a unique destination on the Web where anyone can create a Profile or Community, join an interactive community to share and rave media and interact with a rapidly growing audience; and even teleport into a modern day, easy to use 3D Virtual World to connect with one another and experience the next generation in online entertainment.
Christopher founded Kaneva with the vision of embracing the new era of content creation and harnessing the power of the Internet – to democratize entertainment and provide opportunities for everyone from artists to consumers to share and interact with entertainment online in an entirely new way.
Christopher also founded and served as the Chief Security Advisor of Internet Security Systems, Inc. (ISS), a company he created in 1994 and sold to IBM at a total value of over one billion dollars in 2006. As a world renowned Internet pioneer, Christopher was one of the first to recognize the emerging need for Internet security and developed the first vulnerability scanning technology. During his time at ISS, Christopher consistently lead the company’s technology vision, contributed significantly to its business strategy and was instrumental in helping organizations around the world safeguard critical data from the ever-growing number of information security threats. During his time at ISS, Christopher testified at several U.S. Senate and House of Representative Hearings on issues surrounding cyber security and was selected to co-chair the Technical Standards and Common Criteria Task Force for the Department of Homeland Security National Cyber Security Summit – a private sector sponsored task force within the President’s National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace.
A former student at Georgia Institute of Technology, Christopher decided to share his success by donating $15 million in 1999 for the construction of a new building on the Georgia Tech campus —the Klaus Advanced Computing Building–representing the largest personal donation from anyone of his generation according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy. Opened in 2006, the building was designed to inspire students to also give back, as well as accelerate future technology innovation, making a positive, direct impact to our digital lifestyle and the global online community.
Appointed by Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue, Christopher currently sits on the Film, Video, and Music Advisory Commission where he plays an active role in helping define legislation to support the number of films and games made in Georgia. He is a game advisor to American Intercontinental University (AIU), serves on the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) Board of Visitors as well as the boards of VerticalOne, the Georgia Game Developers Association (GGDA), Georgia Tech Advisory Board (GTAB), and the Georgia Tech College of Computing.
Further demonstrating his commitment to creating more opportunities for entrepreneurs and in giving back to the community, Christopher is involved at a high level in groups such as: The Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, Hands on Atlanta, Hands on Network, C.A.R.E., the Technology Association of Georgia and The Georgia Tech Alumni Association.

Greg Frame – Co-Founder / Chief Gaming Officer

As Co-Founder and Chief Gaming Officer of Kaneva, Greg Frame is responsible for developing and executing Kaneva’s online gaming and virtual world strategy as well as managing Kaneva’s game developers program. Greg has been a technology leader and has founded a multitude of successful technology companies.
Prior to joining Kaneva, Greg was Founder and CTO of IndigoOlive Software, Inc. a company focused in wireless handheld sales force / field force automation. IndigoOlive is now one of the country’s largest wireless solutions providers processing over a billion dollars in transactions annually.
An online gaming pioneer, Greg designed, developed and released an independent massively multi-player game in the late 90’s. At this time, online gaming was barely on the radar and has since turned into a multi-billion dollar industry. Greg has been heavily involved in the online gaming community ever since. Greg is currently an advisor to educational institutions that are focusing in game development and is published on MMORPG.com.
Prior to founding IndigoOlive, Greg founded a contracting company in Atlanta, which clients included many large companies including Lockheed Martin, Verizon, Microsoft and Cingular, primarily focusing on their Internet strategies and related technologies.
Greg has been founding technology companies for twenty years, focusing on distributed, Internet and connected computing. His products have been used by many industry leaders, and he continues to show this innovation with the Kaneva products.
Greg was also a technical speaker for the Microsoft Corporation, traveling the world showcasing one of the first production Windows server applications ever developed. Greg designed and developed this application while serving as the Lead of Research and Design for Unlimited Solutions of Columbus, Ohio.

Animesh Saha – Vice President of Engineering

A seasoned technology professional, Animesh has over seventeen years experience managing, directing and architecting software products. At Kaneva, Animesh is responsible for leading the Engineering organization that develops Kaneva’s grassroots entertainment portal, related Connected Media functionality, massively online virtual worlds, applications and services.
Prior to joining Kaneva, Animesh held a wide range of management and senior technical positions at Lancope, Thoughtmill, Attachmate and Sybase. At Lancope, an Internet Security firm, Animesh was the Director of Product Development and led the development of the award winning StealthWatch 4.0 product suite. At Thoughtmill Corporation, an Engineering Services firm, Animesh served as the Chief Architect overseeing full life cycle development of large commercial projects for many high technology companies including Internet Security Systems (ISS), DoubleClick, MediaBin (formerly Iterated Systems), Engage Technologies, Attachmate, and XcelleNet. During this time, Animesh was instrumental in helping successfully execute these companies’ Internet and technology strategies.
Prior to Thoughtmill, Animesh was on board at Attachmate, a leader in multi-host access and integration, where he pioneered the development of an Intelligent Internet Proxy server. Additionally, he also worked on OpenMind, Attachmate’s award-winning groupware product. Prior to this, Animesh served as a Senior Consultant at Sybase, working closely with top management of Fortune 500 companies.
Animesh holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from Clarkson University, New York and a Bachelors degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India.

Culture & Values


Our company is united by a set of values that let us leverage our individual strengths to achieve our shared vision. These values express who we are and what we believe – the positive spirit that is Kaneva. They are critical to helping us achieve our mission of delivering a global interactive grassroots entertainment network whereby the Kaneva community thrives and prospers. These values also reflect the energy and spirit of a company that has the solid foundation to lead change as our market evolves and grows.


We value each other as integral members of the collective Kaneva team and believe that team-based collaboration produces the best results as well as happy team members. We encourage the exchange of ideas among individuals within our team and believe that true innovation and creativity emerge when people from diverse backgrounds unite. We encourage compassion, cooperation, and collaboration. At Kaneva, we foster an environment of mutual respect where team members can thrive and feel valued.

Quality and Excellence

At Kaneva, we are committed to constant improvement of our products, services, procedures and ourselves in order to deliver the best to our customers. Quality is something we incorporate throughout all our processes, keeping our customers and partners in mind each step of the way. By focusing on quality, and acting with integrity, we believe true excellence can be achieved and we can earn a high level of trust and confidence among our team members, customers and partners.


We insist on giving our best effort in everything we undertake. We are focused on achieving and maintaining a high level of productivity as well as desired results based on measurable goals and objectives and delivering on the expectations we have set with our partners and customers.

Fun Place

We believe in fostering a corporate culture where working is made fun. From Kaneva movie night to an afternoon at the race track, Kaneva supports excursions, parties and activities that embody the “work hard, play hard” mantra. With mutual respect for each other’s creativity and freedom, we want every Kaneva team member to be passionate about their job and do it the very best they can.

Create A Free Avatar

Create an Avatar in the Virtual World of Kaneva

You know you’ll look good in 3D, so what are you waiting for? Using our free avatar creator, you can create your very own cool avatar. Make your avatar as unique and stylish as you are, and shop for the latest 3D clothes and accessories in our free virtual world.

Then use your avatar to explore the Virtual World of Kaneva and interact in 3D. Full of modern day people and entertainment, being in the Virtual World is like hanging out and going places with your friends in the real world. If you’ve heard about virtual avatar worlds before, now is your chance to experience what the buzz is about.

Discover the new you (in 3D) with our free avatar creator

With our free avatar creator, you can choose from over 55 million possible combinations, including body type, hairstyle, facial features, and skin color. Tall, short, or curvy? You decide. Hair color and cut? It’s your call. It’s an avatar game for Kaneva’s virtual world. Use our free virtual avatar maker to create yourself in 3D. Then share your cool new Avatar with friends.

Virtual Reality

Why play virtual reality games when you can live a virtual life?

Experience our free virtual world where you, your media, and your friends come to life. Unlike most virtual people games, with Kaneva, you live in a modern-day virtual world full of exciting people, places, and entertainment. It’s a whole new way to connect with others-a world full of real friends and good times. Jump in and play the virtual reality game like no other.

More than a virtual online game, Kaneva’s an extension of the real you

Kaneva blurs line between real life and virtual reality games by creating a world where the 3D you is an extension of the real you. A truly unique online experience, Kaneva brings web profiles and entertainment to life in a modern-day virtual world full of real friends and good times.

Free MMO

Introducing Kaneva—a Free MMO like No Other

Experience Kaneva for yourself, it’s the ultimate free MMO. A virtual world where you, your media, and your friends come to life. Unlike most free online mmo games, with Kaneva, you live in a modern-day virtual world full of exciting people, places, and entertainment. It’s a whole new way to connect with others—a world full of real friends and good times. Jump in and play the mmog like no other.

A free mmo, with Kaneva, you can create your own unique avatar, get an exclusive, FREE Kaneva City apartment, explore and meet friends in rockin’ 3D hangouts, AND join the ultimate 3D dance game.

Want to Create Your Own MMO?

Do you have what it takes to help create the next generation of MMO game and 3D virtual world content? Are you a game developer looking to take advantage of the opportunities in the new era of online gaming and social media? The Kaneva Game Platform is designed for end-to-end MMO game (MMOG) development for FPS and RPG genres. You can join the Kaneva Elite Developers group and learn how to create your own free 3D online MMOG.

Free Online 3D World

Discover Our 3D Virtual World

Kaneva blurs the line between the offline and online world in a 3D virtual world where the virtual you is an extension of the real you. A truly unique online experience, Kaneva brings web profiles and entertainment to life. Join the free 3D virtual world full of real friends and good times.

An Online Virtual World to Make Your Own

In our online virtual world, you can invent your 3D avatar that’s as unique and stylish as you are. Decorate your free 3D home with your favorite photos and patterns. And with Kaneva’s 3D virtual world, you can enjoy your favorite videos, photos, and music on your 3D TV. The world’s more fun with friends! Invite yours and meet up in our online virtual world for 3D events, chats, and more!

Want to Experience This For Yourself?

Sign up and get your Free Avatar in the Virtual World of Kaneva


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