Can I Un-rave World Fame?

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I think it’s safe to say that everyone reading this blog is familiar with the blast column of their Kaneva profile.  You know, that big list of profile pictures and words in the center of your “2D command center”.  I’m starting to notice a trend in this little column of projected reflections and ramblings – and the trend… well…. to be honest is pretty damn annoying.

“Can I please have another 3 raves”, “Please rave this for me”, “Rave”, “I can haz rave plz”.  Why is this becoming so common?  I mean, I get marketing – you have to tell people about whatever it is you are putting out there to get it noticed.  However, is the outright begging really that necessary?

Not to mention, a lot of the stuff that I am being pleaded with to rave over, and over, and over again – isn’t really that great (IMO).  Hooray for you – you took a screen cap and cropped it …. does that really deserve my praise?  I mean, that is what the whole raving feature is for – to tell someone easily “wow I dig what you did here” or “I think you’re the proverbial bees knees”.

I get what you are trying to do – increase your world fame….. to be honest, I was almost happier when world fame didn’t exist.  That’s right boys and girls – there was time when people didn’t beg you to go to their party or club or rave their media.  They asked (notice this word is different) you to check it out – not rave it, but just check it out, because at that time raves really didn’t mean anything other then what was stated in the previous paragraph.

Ok, Ok, I know what your saying – “But SFNdust, don’t you send out a blast every time you write a new post”… as a matter of fact – Yes, I do.  The difference here is I generally send out between 1 – 3 blasts over several days for one post.  And in none of those blasts do I beg people to rave, comment, or sell me their organs (the musical kind – the bloody ones are just too gross).  There is a proper way for you to market your “whatever” to people – begging, to me, is just so low brow.  If you do good quality work, it will eventually get noticed…. it may be a little more slow – but I’ve found that organic marketing eventually yields the same results and you DO NOT lose your target audience.

These borderline spammers really need to re-think the way they are doing things or that target audience will slip away nearly as fast as it came.

I’m no marketing guru by any means, so I would love to hear your thoughts on this…. let me know in the comments below!

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