Your Complaint Sucks and No One Wants to Hear It

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No one wants to hear it because it is just like everyone else’s…. Now hear me out before you call me an asshole and stop reading.

From what I’ve been seeing on the Kaneva forums, after the recent update that has made a lot of people angry – Most people don’t know how to complain properly.  Therefore, I would like to offer some tips I have picked up from my time in customer service that may help you to get your complaint heard:

1.  Go to the top of the food chain.

Complaining to Corelli can only get you so far.  He is a customer service manager and only has limited power.  He can tell the designers and programmers that you are not happy, but he really can’t do much about it.  To get something done you have to do a bit of your own research and find out who’s on the top of the Kaneva food chain – actually no, you don’t have to do your research… I’ll give you the link right HERE.

2.  Don’t use expletives.

Using foul language just rubs people the wrong way to begin with – use it when you’re complaining and it will take even longer to get your issues resolved.

3.  Be explicit in stating your problem.

“I don’t like Kaneva cause it is teh suck” won’t get anything done for you – you have to be specific.  What is your problem with the update? Why is this a problem for you?

4.  When stating your problem try to use good spelling/grammar

You just look so much more intelligent when you do this – end of story.

5.  When complaining about a problem be realistic in your expectations.

Don’t expect Kaneva to fix the code that they just changed overnight – there may be a lot more involved then you realize.

6. During the course of your complaint – DO tell the company why it is important that your issue is fixed.

  • I spend X amount of money on this game (don’t lie, they can look up your purchase history).
  • I don’t want to refer people to play this game anymore (you will loose your free word of mouth promotional campaign.)

7.  After you have stated your complaint and summarized the situation – DO ask the company for action.

  • “What do you intend to do to fix this?”
  • “When do you plan to have the fix in place?”
  • “Is this something that could happen again?”

By following these steps it’s not gauranteed that your complaint will be resolved, however, your complaint will definelty be taken more seriously.  See you guys in game!

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