5 Reasons To Buy An Access Pass

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It’s a debated topic – is the access pass worth it? For those who aren’t familiar with this little digital access badge, it’s what Kaneva uses to verify you are over 18. However, it does cost a small fee – $15 for a year. Really, $15 isn’t that much…. That’s like the cost of about 4 packs of smokes (unless you live in one of those states that taxes the shit outta ’em), or all the snacks you would buy from the vending machine over a week or two, or hell – a dvd player on Black Friday.

Anyways, if you are on the fence about buying this little novelty item – here are some reasons you may want to consider bellying up to the bar and making that purchase:

1. Prove to the world (of Kaneva) that you are over 18

Ok so it’s not 100% proof – because you could swipe mommy or daddy’s credit card, but I would say that the strong majority of people who have an access pass are in reality over the age of 18. I know my personal choice is to really only converse with members who are over 18, so if they have an access pass – I can easily tell that they are of age.

2. Get access to places you wouldn’t normally see

Places like the underground are kind of neat, but I’m talking about the user created hangouts…. the late night lounges, the adults only hangouts. These places aren’t necessarily pornographic or sexual…. they just appeal to a more mature crowd…. and if makes you feel like part of an exclusive crowd.

3. You won’t be the anchor to your group of friends.

If all of your friends want to go to one of the clubs mentioned in reason number 2, and you don’t have an access pass…. you may be the reason they are stuck hanging out in the mall with all the kiddies.

4. You can keep your house public and filter your visitors.

It’s amazing how much crap $15 can keep out. People who just want to annoy you or beg for credits either aren’t 18 or won’t spend the $15 for an access pass. So if you have this little gem, you can now filter out all those little annoyances who might stop by your pad un-announced and you can keep it open to public access all at the same time.

5. You get to see boobies!!!! And who doesn’t like a nice set of boobs (in real or cartoon form)?

Ok, so you don’t get to see the whole thing – but you get to see a lot more then allowed in un-access-passed areas. It’s really only the equivalent of a bathing suit, but it’s enough to get the over developed imagination going.

Everyone has there own reasons for buying or not buying an access pass. What are yours? Tell me in the comments!

If you are interested in picking up the access pass or an access pass bundle you can purchase it securely through Kaneva by clicking HERE.

p.s. – Kaneva web marketing team – you may want to optimize your access pass landing page a bit more… sure it’s got some good SEO keywords, but it doesn’t make a big sales pitch and the link to buy doesn’t reall jump out at you… just my $0.02 =)


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6 Responses to “5 Reasons To Buy An Access Pass”

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*really 😀
I have to agree with you on this. Especially the whole kiddie thing. It’s nice knowing that MOST people with an access pass are of age. It’s nice to be able to hang out with just an older more mature crowd of people and to be able to block out all the younger, much more annoying people. ha I have a funner time that way. (my opinion) So I guess my answer is yes, I would purchase an access pass. Well, already have. ha

So far I have used my pass 5 times…and not a huge deal, but this way you can go everywhere and not worry when people make their places AP. And sometimes you get to see Hot AVI’s in thongs! ;o) LOL.

Hey lol ye i read this article and i am now thinking about buying an access pass. It sounds real cool and now you can make out with ur girlfriend and shit over the internet i mean wats better than the real thing.

As though you need to spend $15 to prove you’re over the age of 18!!

A person’s maturity becomes pretty obvious after they’ve typed about five workds in the chat box.

I’ve watched the people with the access pass on tour, and I honestly think that some of those without them are actually a lot more intelligent and ‘mature’ conversationalists.

Is it a sign of ‘maturity’ to spend real money on a free computer program that offers you nothing in reality?

Sorry! Just putting my two cents in. 🙂

No need to be sorry – I’ve been off of Kaneva for over a year now so I have no idea what it’s like at this time

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