The First Kaneva Update To Ever Make Me Mad

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In the past I’ve been annoyed by some of the issues that have cropped up with updates, but I was never really angered by it.  In this update they changed something that most users wouldn’t consider too important – your 2D profile page.

I spent several hours creating a complete custom profile page including custom graphics and css, dealing with Kaneva’s back-end systems that make it a pain in the ass to experiment with backgrounds and trying to make everything just the way I would like it.  Now I am left with this complete custom page being pushed to “Page 2” of my 2d profile!  What I’m left with is a landing page that shows  a bunch of useless info that I can’t get rid of like World Fame and Dance Fame… Who gives a shit what my world fame is, that says nothing about me as a person.  My original profile gives people insight into who I really am – not some status bar.

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy that they improved some things on the 3d side and added in a bunch of new assets – but c’mon….I want the option of what is displayed and how it is displayed on my profile.

I know I’m not the only one who is upset about this – I’ve seen other users complain about this on twitter and I’m sure if I spent a little bit of time on  the forums today I would see many more complaining.

So Kaneva – thumbs up for the improvements, but this is almost over-shadowed by the disregard for the work that some of put into their 2d profile page… I’m not talking about grabbing some blingtard myspace layout and tossing in the code – I spent many hours experimenting, designing, and coding for a one off page.

If you would like to review the notes on the new update check out THIS THREAD on the Kaneva Forums.

Let me know how you feel about the new updates in the comments below.





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7 Responses to “The First Kaneva Update To Ever Make Me Mad”

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I can’t even get to my profile page to see what has been done to it. I can view others, but not mine, and I don’t think anyone else can see it either.

the little house on top of page is your profile.. click it and bingo profile

Yep I have to agree the improvements if thats what its called on the 2D side are terrible I want my old profile page 1st I spent some time customizing my buttons and other things how I like them and now it seems we are stuck with this page most of us don’t like.

Wow it looks awful now. I’m pissed.

oh man, i remember you bragging about your profile page on kaneva. You spent alot of time on that and it looked GREAT! Way to go Kaneva!!! ha

Sorry to hear keith. =/

Well the time has come for me to voice my opinion on the current environment within Kaneva. My feelings could never be published within the Kaneva Forum because of censorship. Kaneva has made great progress based on there own production schedule but also has created many new issues.

The game master has little or no control over many of the problems and keeps pushing the responsibility off to the “Powers to be” who never seem to find the time to explain why they do things. The game master keeps instructing its members to vote for change which leads me to believe that they have little confidence in his ability to address these issues.

It’s not my intentions to bash Kaneva but at the same time I feel that as a founder member, major investor of time and money I must speak up.

Kaneva is like a ship without a rudder and no one at the wheel. The most important issue at moment is the population count which showed people where the activity was taking place in real time. This has been removed.

Maybe the time has come for us to hold our own “Boston Tea Party” and draft a “Virtual World Constitution.”

I have to agree. I would like to see the old profile page back. I want to put my own content on profile. I am not fond of this having status boxes of fame. I could care less of these fame levels being displayed. Please bring the old page back kaneva.

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