How To Design Clothes in Kaneva

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I see the question pop up all the time “How do I make clothes in Kaneva?”.  It’s not just the newbs that are wondering this either.  Veteran Kanevians like myself are always looking for hints and tips to make their designs top notch.  While looking through the forums I happened to find a link to Kaunaz’s DDK community.

On this community page I found many helpful tutorial which I am posting here to help those who are new to designing clothes in Kaneva.  I did not make these tutorial videos, they were made by other Kaneva users in a selfless effort to help other designers better their craft.  So check out the videos below and don’t forget to check out Kaunaz’s DDK design community along with the GimpArtists community.

Without further ado – here are your videos:

– Using Gimp To Create Clothing in Kaneva – Video By Kaunaz

– Advanced Tutorial For Creating Male Shirts in Kaneva – Video By LordWhiteTiger

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Using Corell Paint Shop Pro To Create a Shirt In Kaneva – Video By Diva42

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Using Photoshop to Make a Shirt in Kaneva – Video By Live4Him

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Hope you found these helpful.  Feel free to share your Kaneva Clothing design tips in the comments below.  A big thank you to the Kaneva users who have donated their time to create these videos!


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8 Responses to “How To Design Clothes in Kaneva”

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Yes these videos are a great help..thanks to all those that made them !
Watch for new templates coming out all the time..

Try making clothes and now furniture,,its a blast !

I use free gimp

just go to and download it free 🙂

I’ve made a shirt, saved it and went to My Store to upload it. Browsed and found it, filled in all the info except for the thumbnail. It says to try it on your avatar, take a snapshot ingame, resize to 90X90 and upload that as the thumbnail.
My question is, if I cannot upload the shirt, how is my avatar going to be able to try it on to get the snapshot I need in order to upload the shirt? The thumbnail is required, so . . . Seems it’s a catch-22, but I just can’t figure it out. Can someone point me in the right direction to solve this? Thanks in advance. Very helpful tuts, by the way. Thanks for those!

I have a default thumbnail that I will put up first – it’s not a pic of me wearing the clothes or anything… just a graphic I created with my name on it. Once I’ve used that thumbnail it will let me upload the clothing… then I can try it on, take the picture, resize (and edit if you roll like that – cause I do)… then you re-upload the new picture to replace the old one…. a huge pain in the ass, but it’s the only way I’ve found to do it.

Thanks, sfndust! An excellent work-around. I’ll do that immediately.

Go the CW infor center have 2 pages on how to do it and other stuff there go here

How to wear the clothes after all these steps?!?I mean, i did all this, but now i dont know how can i wear my own clothes…the only way i found to make the thumbnail was “try this item” and it’s also the only i found to wear…
help me please!!!!

I haven’t been on Kaneva in months, but you should check in your inventory when you are in world and just look what clothing items you have… you will have to purchase the ones from the Kaneva store for them to be in your inventory.

If you need more help then that… speak with an advisor in world

when u make clothes r they in ur invnetory and is it free to make clothes?

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