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Anyone else notice that there are some Kanevians without blue names that have been a lot more friendlier then usual?  Or more willing to give advice to the newb’s all of the sudden?  Or my personal favorite – they’ve been reciting your Kaneva rights as if their next warning will be a yellow lettered kick.

If you were looking for an explanation for this – it’s because new advisor positions are coming up for grabs…. that’s right these folks are auditioning for the lead in Kaneva the Musical.

More can be read about this on the Kaneva forums –

Click Here To Read The Forum Post

Now to make myself clear – I have no problem with ANYONE helping out a newb… I mean, someone’s gotta do it.  I just have a problem with the show that some are putting on and thinking that the employees of Kaneva can’t see through it.  The unusual amount of ass kissing and dogooding (i.e. the rule reciting for no infractions whatsoever) is getting old.

I have an enormous amount of respect for our current advisors – their good people…. For those who are auditioning – you don’t have my respect yet so don’t act like you’ve earned it.


If your name is on the list of people who would like to be an advisor – treat it like you are applying for or trying to fit into a new job…. No one likes the new guy who tries to throw around his weight when he has no clout.  Everyone likes the new guy who is more then willing to help out and teach.

With that said – lean more towards the helping out and answering questions aspect of the advisor position then the rule enforcement aspect.

Take my advice however you would like, I don’t work for Kaneva so I don’t know what their decision making process is like and I don’t know how far back into someones Kaneva past they will be looking (or remembering) when deciding who the best fit will be.

And last of all – good luck to all of those applying for the advisor position….. you may have my respect in time, but you will have to earn it like the advisors that we have now had to.

to quote a little known film called “Spiderman” – “With great power comes great responsibilty”


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8 Responses to “R.E.S.P.E.C.T – Find out what it means to me”

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hmmm…..well said….let’s hope kaneva sees through the phoney baloney and finds us good advisors who aren’t looking for status only…we’ve had enough of those!

Another awesome blog. I trust that Kaneva will make the right choices. Cannot trust a sheep in wolves clothing.

I say if it comes natural then go for it I certainly see a lot of stuff go on that is funny in the scheme of things but I enjoy Kaneva as a whole we are all different yet alike in our fellowship in Kaneva. Good Luck to all those applying for advisor positions.

@rapture: “I trust that Kaneva will make the right choices” Ha! Lots and lots of evidence of that, huh? They always make good decisions over there. Bah. I’m sure people who were moron shit-disrupting, MIA, idiots will be advisors next time around. You can just feel it.

Well there are a lot of good people who have put their names in for the next round of advisors (me being one of them). Some, I’ve never heard met. But I have faith that this next round, some wise decisions will be made, even if I’m not included in that… *sigh. This last go around was disappointing, while we have a few advisors who do the job to the best of their ability, we have others that well.. don’t. And how many quit? It’s left a lot of stress for those that were left.

Anyway.. to get to your point of trying to enforrce the rules prematurely, I agree with you 100%. I just try to help when asked like I always have. It will be interesting to see how this all turns out, I believe next week is when the announcement will be made, but I’m not 100% positive on that. So don’t quote me.

Even though my name is in the list, I have not changed…I have always helped noobs and even advisors….having been here over 19 months even advisors come to me for advice and yes even GMs…yes some may be trying to impress staff.. but maybee ou are noticing this help morre because of the fact the new openings exist…

I didn’t even know about the openings at first…. I just noticed the odd behavior and then did some research 😉

Well, there sure has been some odd behavior lately. I’m hoping Kaneva has it’s eyes open and dosn’t make a dumb decision. And the rule thing, you are totally right about. Getting a little out of hand. Char, you’ll get it i’m sure!! 😛

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