So close, So tantalizingly close.

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Kaneva is fun. Or, rather, it can be. The drama that circulates within it is annoying and reduces the fun levels more than a clown with his pants off, but the thing that really annoys me about my time in Kaneva is… Kaneva.

If the place royally sucked, like, I dunno, IMVU, or Bud Light Lime, I would be ok with it. It’s the fact that they are so tantalizingly close! Argh! If they would quit the work they have wasted on time-sucks like DanceBoring3D and Kerflop, and actually fix the bugs and improve the usability of many features, this place would be rock and roll awesome.

What’s wrong with those games? You have fun with them? OK, sure, let’s pretend that they are fun and the activities in them weren’t better on Sega Genesis or even a key chain I got in the bottom of my Kellogg’s Smacks. Let’s just pretend, ok. Seriously, I know it’s hard, but follow me here, ok? Alright. So, what is Kaneva? Easy, before you answer, I will for you; it’s a 3D social network. I don’t know what all the marketing campaigns say, or what the board meetings pitch it as. But Kaneva is MySpace where you run around and say hi and meet people or keep up with the friends you have. Kaneva is all about the conversations, the interactions, the building your personalized space and having 100 people come see it, telling stories, learning about people, even in some really odd cases, falling in love.

So, naturally, the big featured game activities embrace that, feature it, improve it, right? Oh, but of course not. When you play the dance game, you have to pay strict attention to the arrows, not your fellow dancers. And you have no idea how well they are doing, or how well they did. You can’t challenge someone, you can’t play jointly, and you can’t talk in more than 6 word blasts between levels. And the shooting game? Yeah, no chatting in there at all. Run around, shoot people. You remember Duke Nukem? Yeah, the cool part of that WAS the gore and blood, so naturally that’s all been taken out. And where do these shooting fests take place? By secret ambush while in a club you built with your friends? In the mall? NO! In a completely separate location, away from everyone and everything.

Both of the featured games completely abandon what Kaneva IS, and just throw a simple game structure at you. Why didn’t anyone think of this? Why hasn’t anyone asked for a social game, like automated trivia, card games, even just a simple random number generator to allow people to make up their own games while in world? Oh, that’s right… people ask for that on a weekly basis on the forums. Huh. Well, I’m sure the next big thing to come out of Kaneva’s game minds will surely be one of those, or maybe something even better, like a memory game where you have to guess items people were wearing, or spell their convoluted 9 number usernames correctly, right? Nope. Its gonna be a driving game. Imagine there will be any chatting while you drive?

There are staunch defenders who will tell you, “Oh, the fifty-leven bugs you just mentioned are ok, because it’s Beta.” In all the copy in all the pages in the entire Kaneva website, in exactly zero places does it tell me that the software is beta. Now wait, you are thinking, I know I’ve seen the word beta somewhere. Well, you have, but not only on GMail for 3 years. “Beta” appears just to the right of the logo at the very top right on the 2d pages and launcher. Never anywhere in the actual game. And in text smaller than 8 point font. That really drives home the Beta point, huh? Or, how about the fact that you have to give Kaneva REAL currency, real money, for certain features of the game? That you spend real cash on building supplies, AP passes, costumes, clothing, deeds? Know of anything else in the history of software that took money while in beta? They give Google a hard time for being in beta so long, but at least they have the courtesy of making their stuff free.

This is simply the introduction of a many part series on the “area of opportunity” in the Kaneva software. I’m sure they are aware of most of them. I just think they are of the mindset that people want new and exciting instead of stable and functioning. Or new for the sake of new instead of able to be used easily.

As a usability guy, I believe the complete opposite way, so you can expect more posts on this subject.

Comment for me, and tell me what little annoyances or bugs or usability flaws you see in the same every day. I’d like to eventually have a comprehensive list of not just the flaws, but recommended solutions. I’ll go so far as to make mockups, because when it comes right down to it, I DO care. I DO want Kaneva to be the most awesome online experience ever.

It’s so close right now.

– Paynomind

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9 Responses to “So close, So tantalizingly close.”

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If you think it has so many flaws then don’t play. No one game or site is going to be completely 100% perfect, only close. Sure there are things that all of us think can be better, like peoples attitudes towards the progress of such a game. You want to know my biggest annoyance with the game….Kaneva can not help with the rudeness and disruptiveness of the true experince of the game itself.

I agree Pay they market kaneva as a social world that eventually will have merchants, even a social card game like spadesa, with tournaments is preferable to those of us diabaled, and there are a lot of us, we have a herd time playing a game like kaching..

As far as bug, since day one there has been a blind spot in my coffee house, corelli has seen it and its never been fixed, still cant texture one wall in my penthouse loft, this has been several updates that i have not been able to, when i place objects, not everytime but often enough they move when u click ok, have to straighten them, when sending kmail i still get kep error and page closes, today with new update they resized the big gate and iron gates had to reposition a whole wall of green acres, and buy another iron gate to fill in…just a few of the bugs… im sure many more will come

I’ll be honest with you. I’ve never gotten into the whole dance fame thing.. as in agreement with you, it’s very difficult to hold a decent conversation with anyone while playing it. As for the Ka-ching thing.. well, here again, NEVER PLAYED IT. Never really interested in playing it. I love Kaneva. I love my friends on Kaneva, and know those friends love it too. It’s time to work on making Kaneva the best social network out there. Show the people of Kaneva that love it like I do that you want their experience to be the very best you have to offer. Fix the lag that people experience when going to clubs that their friends have spent their money on credits to build. Make it where when you finally do get logged on to Kaneva that your not constantly receiving that freaking annoying CONNECTION INTERUPTION PLEASE HOLD message over and and over. Make it where when you log on during the party hour times you actually feel like your appreciated because your being rewarded a decent amount of rewards. Then you have World Fame. I’m gonna be honest with you here. I dont get it. Now when playing Kaneva its like its become a full time job making sure you danced to level 10 everyday, posted enough comments on people’s pages, uploaded enough media and campaigned enough for people to rave them. It has become exhausting. It’s simple. Kaneva..The concept is there. People love it. Improve on that. Make what you have now the best it can be. There are so many people that love Kaneva, that are vested in Kaneva, and there are so many that are that have moved on to Second Life because they are sick of putting up with black screens, lag, and the new bugs that are generated each time a new update comes to pass. I know that even if these things we are hopeful will happen probably wont any time soon, and I’ll not quit Kaneva because of it, but wouldnt it be nice if we were to log on one day and some of these things negative issues we are talking about were just simply gone? The only way this is going to happen is if we all voice our position on these things. It’s up to all of us to be the “keepers” of the game and make sure that our voices are being heard just like pay did here.

i agree some things have been pushed to fast but i love kaneva and will stick with it cos i know they will come good

wow pay, well said. i don’t think there is anything else i could add to that. you deffinatly got me thinking now. alot of those things i havn’t even wondered about until now.

My biggest annoyance is their aversion to MAC. That they did not think from all angles only the easy quick marketable one. Aside from that I enjoy the dance game cos sometimes you just can’t seem to connect with anyone due to time difference or you just don’t want to talk but enjoy the idea of being with others.

The new shooting game..hmm..not too keen on anyone coming and ambushing my friends when they trying to be social it’s best kept at regulated area. As for building, yes it’s annoying when you have to try and align panels sometimes but like Siggy says nothing is 100% perfect.

The game is aiming to bring something to everybody except mac users!lol…but I can live with it as I’m able to GET AROUND IT. Frustrating but doable.

LMFAO this is so funny and i feel the same way.. i will not pay a thing for something in BETA i mean comeon..i can’t do anything in the game anymore.Everytime i try to add a emote or put a pic up in game it kicks me. The game has way to many problems.i am scared to click on anything while playing becasue it will kick me,so no reporting bad people no checkn out peoples profiles nothen ugh. They need to work on all the probs. before doing other crap.Its like they gave up on making it better for us to play(no lag) and went to tryn to make more money for themselfs.I feel sry for the people that have paid and get no help from them when something goes wrong but like PAY said it IS BETA!

My only request for Kaneva. Please fix the lag so I won’t have to walk backwards up a flight of stairs or into a crowded room. That is the only way I can work my avitar during lag. Everyone should try that trick, it works.

Pay, Sleeze, Dee. I agree with you all totally. Kaneva is a great game. But, it can be so much better. Eames and myself have made many great friends on K. And even made some best friends that we think the world of. No, we will not be leaving either. But, they need to work on all the things that are wrong,(aka bugs). Sleeze, Eames has the same problem with her Penthouse aprtment too. The items moving after you put them down really becomes a pain, when you putting down 30-40 floors. They really do need to work more on the social aspect of the game. I have no problem wiht Ka-Ching. I’ve played it some. It’s a good thing to do while waiting on the partys to start up,if you don’t have any building to do. But, I agree with Sleeze, they need to bring more things in, that more ppl can get into. Such as cards. Spades, Hearts, Rummy even Texas Holdem. None of those would be hard to do. Not much better then sitting around with great friends playing cards. The problem with the K-Bomb has been going on how long… And like Dee, don’t get me started on the CONNECTION INTERUPTION PLEASE HOLD message. Pay, thanks for posting this. Maybe it will turn a few heads in the right direction.

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