Hockey Pucks, Comedy Clubs, And A Goodbye Note That Was Never Written – Part 6

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If you are new to this blog, or missed Friday’s post.  You may want to read Part 1 of “Hockey Pucks, Comedy Clubs, and A Goodbye Note That Was Never Written” before continuing.

Ken replied back to the mystery text with “I’m sorry, I think you had the wrong person”.  The next day, out of curiosity, Ken looked up the phone number that had texted him with the valentines day message.  He noticed that the area code was from the state that Juliet had moved to.

When he had a moment alone he called the number just to satisfy his curiosity.  He was somewhat unsurprised when he heard Juliet answer the phone.  The two had not talked in a very long time and he had missed her a lot.  They talked about where they were in life and why she had moved.  They talked about their current relationships and how they had both found someone that made them happy.  Over the following months Ken had also moved out of state with his future wife, but he continued to talk to Juliet.  He made sure to give her his new phone number and stay in touch with her.  The love for her was still somewhat there, but wasn’t like it was before.  He accepted her as a friend and nothing more, as they had both found other loving relationships to explore.

Ken eventually proposed to his girlfriend and a year later they were married.  Also during that year time frame, Ken’s phone had lost all of the phone numbers it had stored.  Juliet was never one to make a lot of phone calls and it was even possible that she had lost Ken’s number herself since the two never talked again.  Ken would randomly search for Juliet on the internet, but could never find her on any social networking site.  He would always come up empty handed.

Several months after his marriage Ken received a friend request from his long lost friend on his FaceSpace account.  Ken accepted the friend request and immediately sent Juliet a message telling he had gotten married, he had been doing well for himself, and that he wanted to catch up with her to see how she had been doing.  Juliet replied the next day with her phone number.

Ken’s situation has now drastically changed from the days of high school.  His life, his personality, his goals and aspirations.  Ken has always held Juliet on a pedestal.  The only thing that has ever changed is that on occasion he would recognize that she was held up on the pedestal.  Now that Ken is married he never wants to hold anyone higher then his wife.  This fear has kept Ken from calling Juliet again.  Ken must now and forever wonder what could have been.  For now, I am sad to say, this is where our story ends.  As your humble narrator; I thank you for reading and wish on to you that you will speak up for love when caught in a moment, never over think reactions of the heart, and never leave yourself wondering what could have been.

Thank you for reading my short (and shortend even more for this blog) story.  I hope you enjoyed “Hockey Pucks, Comedy Clubs, And A Goodbye Note That Was Never Written”.  I shall be returning to the virtual world soon and can’t wait to hear your thoughts and suggestions for improvement on this story when I return.  I will return to writing about Kaneva next week.  Until then – have a great weekend Kanevians.


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2 Responses to “Hockey Pucks, Comedy Clubs, And A Goodbye Note That Was Never Written – Part 6”

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I think Ken could still talk with Juliet as a friend. They are so close I am sure they would make very best friends.. This is such an amazing story.. I hope it all works out for them two..

I havent read this chapter yet. I just want the rings!

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