Hockey Pucks, Comedy Clubs, And A Goodbye Note That Was Never Written – Part 5

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If you are new to this blog, or missed Friday’s post.  You may want to read Part 1 of “Hockey Pucks, Comedy Clubs, and A Goodbye Note That Was Never Written” before continuing.

Ken leaning over the engine of the car he was working on, stared at the clock wishing time would move faster.  He was exhausted from a long day in the heat of the Florida garage.  He was also ready to go home and rid himself of the sweat, dirt, and stress because tonight he was going to his first comedy club.  Not only was he going to his first comedy club, he wasn’t going alone.

The clock struck 5 at the exact second Ken had finished putting his tools away and cleaning his work area.  He walked with a very quick pace to his car and when he got there he let out a sigh of relief as he cranked up his A/C and his radio almost simultaneously.

From the instant his foot hit the gas it seemed like time flew past because the next thing he knew, he was at his house, showered, changed, and answering the door.  There stood Juliet, it was almost like the first time he saw her.  So beautiful, and always so happy to see him.  The two hopped in his car and began the hour drive to the comedy club.  Lucky for Ken, the two shared similar taste in music so the backdrop for their conversation kept things lively.

The arrived at the club early and walked around the city for a bit.  Ken held Juliet’s hand at her request because of all the shady characters that were hanging around, commenting, staring.

As your narrator, I must interject.  I believe that this was a ploy by Juliet to send a hint to Ken.  Unfortunately, Ken did not pick up on this hint.

The two entered the club and got a seat right next to the stage.  The opening acts were fantastic and left the two with a sore side from all of the laughter.  The headlining comedian walked on out onto the stage acknowledging all the beautiful couples in the crowd, staring directly at Ken and Juliet as he said this.

Ken looked at Juliet and laughed uncomfortably, she smiled and made him wonder if this was turning for a time out with a friend into a date.

After they left the club, they had talked more on the way home.  Conversation just as light as it was on the journey to the club, only this time there seemed to be some sort of awkwardness in the air.  Ken had placed Juliet back up on the pedestal and thought, in his mind that she was much too good for him.  When the car finally pulled back up to Kens house the two sat outside for a while and talked about how much fun they had.  After the short conversation there was silence and the two looked right at each other.  They had built “the moment”.  The moment when a relationship could take a turning point from friendship to something more.  The moment when a man must decide if he is willing to jeopardize his pride and face rejection.  The moment when a woman wonders “what is he thinking”.  The moment when you are supposed to just lean in, take a leap of faith and kiss the woman of your dreams.

As if to keep tragedy a theme throughout this story, Ken did not make his move.  He didn’t think fast enough for “the moment”.  And now “the moment” was gone.  Juliet walked to her car and left, Ken walked into his house and lay awake for hours running through all of the scenarios that could have been.  Somehow he managed to fall asleep and proceed with life.

Over the next few weeks Juliet would stop by and see Ken while he was at work.  He was never sure why she would want to see him covered in sweat and hating his job, but he was still always happy to see her none the less.  One day, Ken got a call from his ex-girlfriend, Teresa.  She said that she wanted him to come over so they could talk.  After Ken finished a long day of work and then his classes at night, he went over to Teresa’s.  The two realized how much they loved and missed each other and decided to commit to each other again, that night.  The only difference this time, was Juliet had not been forgotten about and Teresa was no longer Ken’s only love.

The very next afternoon Ken received a phone call from Juliet.  He had not told her yet that he had gotten back together with Teresa.  Juliet called to ask Ken if he wanted to go out of town with her and some friends to see a comedian that the two were huge fans of and then visit the Halloween attraction of a theme park in that area.  Ken had to decline the trip, explaining that he and Teresa were once again an “item” and that she would probably not be comfortable with him going.  The next words that came out of Juliet’s mouth would leave Ken shocked and confused.  These words would linger in his mind for many years to come and always make him wonder about what could have been.

Juliet’s reply to Ken was “I guess I will just have to find someone else to stay in my hotel room with me.”  From this point forward, Ken would never know if she was joking or if she really intended on spending a romantic weekend with him; giving him that one last chance to make up for the kiss he had never given her.

Years passed by and over this time Ken would talk to Juliet, even visit her sometimes, never telling Teresa about the encounters.  Eventually Juliet moved out of the state without any sort of notice.  She had left him a goodbye note that was never written.  Ken had to ask other friends what happened to her.  He eventually found out that she had moved and with that he moved on.

Ken and Teresa had a final split and Ken went back to his one night stands until he eventually met the woman that would turn into his wife.  Ken was out on his first valentines date with what would be his final girlfriend when he received a text from an unknown number that simply said “I Love You”.

If you have enjoyed Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 of “Hockey Pucks, Comedy Clubs, and a Goodbye Note That Was Never Written” please check back again tomorrow for part 6 which is the ending to this story.

Click Here For Part VI – The Finale


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wow.. I really love this story.. Thank you for sharing.. I really enjoyed reading it..

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