Hockey Pucks, Comedy Clubs, And A Goodbye Note That Was Never Written – Part 4

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If you are new to this blog, or missed Friday’s post.  You may want to read Part 1 of “Hockey Pucks, Comedy Clubs, and A Goodbye Note That Was Never Written” before continuing.

It was the first day of his Senior year of high school.  Ken had made it to his last year, despite previous desires to just drop out and move on with life.  He knew that he could handle whatever was coming his way for this one final year.  Ken was upbeat and was ready to give the year a fresh start.  He had all but forgotten Juliet from his summer of decadence and on this morning he was given even more of a reason to forget.

Greeting Ken on his way to his first class was Teresa, the girl that he had just spent the weekend with, the girl that was only supposed to be a one night stand.  When Ken saw her again and she gave an innocent smile and a loving hug, he knew that this was going to be more than a one night stand or a weekend fling.

Ken and Teresa began officially dating shortly after the school year had started and almost instantly fell in love.  The two were almost inseparable – at school, at home, even on the drives from Teresa’s house to his; Ken would talk to her on the phone just to get in a second “good night”.  Life was great, Ken was in love and had replaced his former love with someone who he knew had loved him in return.  Life was great, that was, until the beginning of the second semester.

Ken, being a talented musician, but an awkward athlete had never taken a physical education class.  Since this was his last year, one of these courses were required.  After a meeting with his guidance counselor, Ken chose the class that seemed to take the least amount of effort and athletic ability.  If it wasn’t for this choice, my story would finish here and I could say that Ken lived happily ever after.  Not to say that he doesn’t, just saying that this choice alone propels this story further.

When Ken showed up for his new P.E. class he saw only one friend and was a little discouraged.  That was until right before the final bell rang, and there she was…. Juliet.  After all of these years, they were finally in the same class together.  The first conversation was surprisingly fluid and not awkward at all.  It was like two old friends catching up with each other.  Juliet talked about what she had been up to and the trail of guys she had left heartbroken.  Ken discussed his summer and his new love.  It was at this point that he conversation became awkward.  It was at this point that Ken had realized that his feelings for Juliet never really died, they just found a way to hide themselves.

Over the next several months Ken hid his real feelings towards Juliet from Teressa, explaining her as a friend and nothing more.  Now, this statement was somewhat true.  Ken would never cheat on Teressa because he did in fact love her very much.  However, Ken also had a love for Juliet that was different from the feelings he had for Teressa.  He could never explain it, but he knew the difference couldn’t be good.

Almost a year and a half after Ken and Teressa had started dating, Teressa thought that it might be a good idea that they take a break from each other.  They were too young to be this serious.  Ken was devastated, but by this time Juliet had become one of his best friends.  She was there for him the night that he was dumped.  She was the only reason that he was happy for that night.

Juliet and Ken when to a small party together.  Ken met up with another musician who also happened to bring a guitar with him to the party.  Ken and his new acquaintance both started playing some well known songs and got along great.  However, when Ken played a popular love song all by himself he happened to look over at Juliet and noticed that there was a different way that she looked at him.  He felt that she had begun to develop feelings for him, but they both knew that this was not the right time to express them.  There talks of hockey (which was the only sport Ken enjoyed) and comedians had built this bond between them a foundation of their relationship.  This foundation was now starting to be built upon and would only grow from there.

If you have enjoyed Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 of “Hockey Pucks, Comedy Clubs, and a Goodbye Note That Was Never Written” please check back again tomorrow for part 5 of the story.

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This is a very amazing love story.. I just hope the ending is a happy one.. Can’t wait for Part 5.

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