Hockey Pucks, Comedy Clubs, and a Goodbye Note That Was Never Written – Part 2

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If you are new to this blog, or missed Friday’s post.  You may want to read Part 1 of “Hockey Pucks, Comedy Clubs, and A Goodbye Note That Was Never Written” before continuing.

For the first time since the beginning of high school Ken woke up on his own, no assistance from his alarm clock, no nagging from his mother, no endearing licks from his dog, he awoke with a purpose – he needed to put a name to his memory.

The ride to school was a quiet one, not much different then any other day.  Only today, Ken didn’t even listen to the radio.  In his mind he had all of these thoughts of who she may be.  Jessica – no she couldn’t be Jessica, Jessica’s were never that nice to him before.  Crystal – no she didn’t look like a Crystal.  Julia – no, well, she might be a Julia, but that couldn’t have been her name.

All through first and second period, Ken ignored the lesson plans and continued his irritating game.  He hated playing it, but couldn’t stop.  Finally when the second period bell rang, a sense of relief.  Brandy was in his next class and she could surely give him a name.

Ken arrived at his class early and waited for Brandy to walk in.  When she finally arrived she was still in the midst of conversation about her party from the weekend.  Ken not wanting to interrupt for fear of embarrassment, waited until right before class started.  He approached Brandy and said “the girl… I danced with… she… was…. who” the built up anticipation and everlasting butterflies in his stomach were now affecting his speech.  The tardy bell rang before Brandy could even respond to his poorly worded question, now putting even more time between him and his answer.

Luckily Brandy sat close to Ken in class so he was still able to give her that “sad puppy dog look” that wreaked of pity and desperation.  Nearly half way through class, Brandy slipped Ken a note that simply read – “Her name is Juliet”.

I was so cliche, and he had been so close in his guesses.  Was Brandy just messing with him?  To Ken, mean jokes between friends were all to common – his twisted sense of humor made him laugh the hardest at jokes like this and his friends all seemed to share the same sentiment.  She couldn’t have been messing with him, I mean, this is important stuff at this age.  Ken looked at Brandy with the same serious/pitiful look as before and he knew she wasn’t kidding.  His Cinderella now had a name.

But what good is a name – Ken needed to come up with a plan on how he could meet Juliet again.  At this point, he wasn’t even sure if they went to the same school.  For the rest of the day, the name Juliet ran through his head – well not just the name of course.  Her eyes, her smile, her hair, her touch.  Ken had fallen hard and all he had was a name and a memory.  Who could cast a spell on someone like that?  Juliet could, that’s who.

If you have enjoyed Parts 1 and 2 of “Hockey Pucks, Comedy Clubs, and a Goodbye Note That Was Never Written” please check back again tomorrow for part 3 of the story.

Click Here For Part III


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2 Responses to “Hockey Pucks, Comedy Clubs, and a Goodbye Note That Was Never Written – Part 2”

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I didnt read it! I know the ending 😉

I am not one for romance novels but you sir are mean making me wait for the ending! 😛 I love it! Thank you again for the great blog to read on a boring monday morning!

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