Something to tide you over until I return

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So I’ve decided to take at least the next week off from Kaneva and concentrate more on my Real World responsibilities.  Since I am taking a break, I figured my blog should also take a break.

However, I didn’t want to leave you with nothing… So over the next several days I am going to tell you a story.  It is based somewhat in truth, but certain liberties have been taken to make it more interesting (at least I hope it’s interesting).  This is a story of a love that will never happen, but should of a long time ago.  It’s a story of hidden emotion and not trying to take what you want.  It’s a story of high school romance and the lack thereof…..  Without further ado –

Hockey Pucks, Comedy Clubs, and a Goodbye Note That Was Never Written.

It started back in his freshmen year of high school.  Not at the beginning when everything is awkward and you are completely lost, but near the middle when you’ve kind of gotten used to the environment.  That time when puberty has decided to leave you alone for a little bit, but its after effects are enough to leave you a hormonal mess.

Ken was invited to the sweet sixteen party of one of his close friends, Brandy.  When the time of the party had arrived Ken showed up at the hotel ballroom that Brandy’s father had rented for her party.  He stepped out of the family car and waved to his parents as he headed, a little nervous into the ballroom on his own.

Ken immediately found all of the friends that he hung out with at school and talked to them for the first hour so that he could avoid any awkward interactions with girls.  After that first hour, the mood became more relaxed and Ken started to socialize more.

Almost out of nowhere, through the dim lights and the streamers Ken saw a shining light in the middle of the room, there she stood.  I know, it’s cliche but this girl lit up the room with her smile and instantly grabbed the attention of Ken.

Ken waited and waited until the very end of the night to digest his nerves.  The moment came, the song was perfect and Ken approached the young lady for a dance.  Once he finally spit out his request, the girl smiled and said yes.

The two danced for the next 2 or 3 songs until the party had ended and each went there own way.

It was the prince’s view of the Cinderella story, except, their had been no glass slipper left.  The girl was gone and Ken had not even asked her name – he was left with nothing but the memory of how her hands felt when they brushed against his arm and how her smile somehow eased his nerves.

When Ken woke up the next morning he felt like the night before had been a dream.  He knew it wasn’t a dream though – his 15 year old mind had played tricks on him before, but this was no trick… this had actually happened.

When Monday came around, Ken went to school with a mission.  His mission – to find the name of his Cinderella.

With no glass slipper he was sure to hit some bumps in the road – only time would tell how big those bumps would be.

If you have enjoyed the begining of “Hockey Pucks, Comedy Clubs, and a Goodbye Note That Was Never Written” please check back again on Monday (or maybe over the weekend if you’re lucky) for the next part of the story.

Click Here To Continue To Part II


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I like this version way better 🙂

I am excited to hear the rest of this story.. You have a way with words.:)

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