Why This Morning’s Post Was Pulled

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For those of you that followed this morning’s blast to check out a new article on “How Do You Deal With A Friendship Gone Wrong”, you will now notice that the post has been pulled.  Below you will find an explanation as to why it was pulled:

The post itself was really not about how to deal with someone that you no longer consider a friend.  It was actually the begining of a plan that Paynomind and myself had put together to try to prove a point and hopefully get rid of some of the ever-increasing drama in Kaneva.  If you read between the lines of the post you might have noticed the person that I was refering to in it was Pay.  Pay and I are friends, I don’t think he is a bad friend, and I have no intention on getting rid of him as a friend.

The idea was that we were going to create a “fake fight” between the two of us ending at a club where we would make a public announcement that it was a “skit” and that we were just trying to show people how drama can rip friends apart.

Unfortunately the plan took a wrong turn when Pay and I used an all-to-real excuse for the fight.  It was a bad idea and we should have never gone down that road.  We brought a real world situation almost into the virtual world and this is something that should almost never happen.  When things got a little too heated we clued the parties involved in on the plan and they made us see that this was a truly bad idea.

We ended up hurting REAL feelings (you know the kind that you don’t make with keyboard characters or emotes).  Or intention was never to hurt ANYONE, infact is was just the opposite… we wanted everyone to understand the problems that drama causes.

I know that Pay shares the same sentiments as I do when I say this –

To the parties involved that were truly upset and hurt over this.  It was never meant to work out like that.  Pay and I made a bad decission and took this down the wrong road.  We would never intentionally set out to hurt anyone.  Our appology is deep and sincere and we hope that you will accept it.  If you would like to discuss this out of world and off of this site, please do because your friendship does truly mean a lot to both of us.

To everyone else reading this – Drama destroys good things… real drama, fake drama, virtual drama.  I’m not saying we should all get along… that would be an unattainable goal.  But if we all learn to keep our mouths shut and fingers off of the keyboard until we think about things, we may be able to alleviate most of the problem.

Also, remember – Even the best laid plans of mice and men often go asunder.


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