10 Ways To Tell You’re A N00b

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Being new to Kaneva can be rough.  You have little to no friends, and no-one has yet to rave you.  Your apartment is bare, and your clothing is hideous.  However, it doesn’t have to be rough.  If you’re new to Kaneva and you’ve made it to this blog already… congratulations! You’ve taken a big step to getting insight into the Kaneva community.

One of the best ways to make friends in Kaneva, or “K” as most people call it is to not act like a n00b.  I know, I know, you’re new, you can’t help but act that way.  Well, below I’ve listed some ways that us veterans can tell that you’re new.

1. You’re in Jeans and the Kaneva T-shirt

One of the first things you should do (after the tutorial) in game is go straight to the mall… and run…don’t walk… run to the nearest clothing store and buy some new digs.  Once you don you’re new disguise it will be a lot harder to pick you out as a newb.

2. You just flat out tell everyone

Don’t blow your cover.  So what, you’re new… you don’t have to announce it to the world.  In fact it’s easier to pick out someone who is new that yells “I’m new here I don’t know what I’m doing” than someone in the newb clothes because you don’t even have to search them out… it’s right there for you in the chat box.

3.  You ask questions about things covered in the tutorial

The opening tutorial is there for a reason.  That reason is – people get sick of answering the same questions over and over again.  You might have only asked one question to one person, but the person you are asking might have been asked that exact same question by 50 other people and unfortunately you are just the last straw.  Kaneva took time to create an easy way for you to learn about the game, take advantage of it!

4. Looking for an instant boyfriend or girlfriend

Walking into the mall and saying “who wants a gf” or “anyone looking for a bf press 1234” will just get you ridiculed.  Mostly because it’s annoying, and slightly insulting to people who have worked hard to create a great relationship in-game already.

5. “Why Your Name Blue”

It’s blue because they are a moderator (adviser) – and no, you can’t change your name to be blue unless you become an adviser.  BTW – if an adviser asks you to stop doing something.  STOP DOING IT!  Don’t argue right there in public, it will just get you kicked.  If you have a questions about why they asked you to stop, send them a private message by right clicking on them and clicking “private message”.

6. Am I Hot?

Now if you really thought that you were ugly, would you ask this question.  Guess what, doesn’t matter how attractive you are.  If you ask this question, people WILL make fun of you.  In my opinion, this is an open invitation to have someone make fun of you.  Kaneva is a nice place with a lot of friendly people, but even nice people have to poke fun sometimes, and saying “If you think I’m hot press 5678” will just make you fodder.  At best, you will just be ignored.

7. Can you have sex/get naked/watch a donkey show?

Ok, so maybe I added the last one.  Point being, the answer to this question is technically “no”.  Asking this questions will let everyone know you are new and falls into the same vein as #2.  Yes, ‘adult” things do happen on Kaneva.  But if you are looking for that sort of thing, you may want to check out Red Light Center and not show your noobness on Kaneva.



9.  Can I Have Credits/Rewards?

I think this question probably makes people the angriest.  If you’re new, chances are you have very little credits or rewards.  Everyone else in the game started out that way also, and they had to work hard or pay money for what they’ve earned.  They’re not going to easily give up what they have.  Think of it this way – If I walked up to you on the street and said “Hey can I have some money” you would either tell me to buzz off or you would call the police.  Get the point?

10.  You decide

Ok so I know this post was titled 10 Ways To Tell You’re A N00b, and I have only listed 9 so far.  That’s because I wanted to open up this last point to the Kaneva veterans.  In the comments below, please explain the 1 thing that tips you off that someone is a newb.

Now, I’m not saying being new is a bad thing.  Everyone is new at somepoint.  For me, that point was two years ago… so I’ve had my share of experience in helping people that are new.  Again, if you’re new… don’t be afraid to go out there and make new friends and Kaneva will be one of the best online experiences you have ever had.


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11 Responses to “10 Ways To Tell You’re A N00b”

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Great post yet again.. One thing, you can actually buy new clothes in the tutorial. What if you like your hot newbie clothes? *giggles* Wan 2 B my bf?

Well done, SFN!

You’re in Jeans and the Kaneva T-shirt: Also known as “Kaneva Prison Uniform”

10. Place yourself on top of someone and then {start dancing | sit | kneel | jump | …}

11. Ask a question, and when no one answers in 1 second or less, ask it again. Repeat.

12. Ask anything involving how to get colored words (yellow words under name, red words in chat, blue words in name …)

13. Tell everyone how Kaneva is not like {Second Life | IMVU | IMDB | Halo | Pacman | … }

14. Curse at the Advisor or Gamemaster before, during and after they give you a warning and take action.

15. Or tell everyone that your daddy is an FBI agent and will come and get you for being mean.

I been on kaneva almost two months now n love it..I’ve tried to join one of the groups but found I was to shy to get to know someone just to join the group so I gave up n decided to just be a individual that is friendly with everyone…

10. join a well-established clan ASAP! instant friends and instant raves!

Telling people you are Miley Cyrus or Brittany Spears lol I’ve seen this a lot in the last two years hehe…def keeps things interesting lolz I’d just like to say I would love to see more people walking around with new people helping them. I helped the day they let the first 100 members in and never complained once, it was very over-welming but we all have to start somewhere 🙂 Still feel like a newb somedays…and proud to be 🙂 New people mean new friendships and broader friend groups! Welcome newbies…newbies=new friends :))

one thing i notice in noobs is…
when someone in a place is doing something they don’t like…and the noob threatens to kick them out, when actually, they can’t do a darn thing.
10. don’t tell people you’ll kick them out of a place unless you really can.

How to look like a noob…walk up and start humping on people!
Always ask first if you can dance with someome..If they dont answer they may be AFK..so move on..dont hump..

Throwing a trade window up on someone… Not a good idea..always ask first people before opening a trade window..

And no you can not trade rewards or locked items..only credits and unlocked items

Beg for credits and clothes..Not good for making friends. As stated above you can earn rewards to buy almost all stuff in Kaneva now..Thanks to the new changes..Dance game..fame game..party hours..contests..get a job ..Go to http://forums.kaneva.com and look under Jobs..be sure to sign in 🙂
visit the employment office every 6 hours and collect rewards

Welcome to Kaneva and lets have fun !

Look for blue and red names they are there to help you 🙂

You can usually tell a NOOB because they haven’t mastered Dance party yet…and or course it says Newb Dancer above their heads…lol. But we were all there at one time….some less clueless than others. ;o)

First of all I know this was posted in 2008 but just thought I should at least address the kaneva shirt and jeans….. if you look at my character Tezzerat on Kaneva you will see I have been there quite a while before that I was mephistious and after that I was serraphina I change my sn alot specially when I forget my pw. anyway…. some of us Veterans do like the shirt and jeans, the Kaneva Shirt is awesome. so what if we are wearing it, it doesn’t mean we are noobs.

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