To Join or Not to Join…. that tis the question

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Last week I wrote about some reasons why you may want to join a group in Kaneva. In that post I was not trying to discourage anyone from being an individual – being an individual is what makes for interesting people.  So as a follow-up post, I’ve decided to write about some reasons why you may NOT want to join a group on Kaneva.

1.  Perceptions are everything

For some reason when you have that yellow tag under your name some people may think of you differently just because of some actions of someone else who shared that same tag with you.  This is unfortunate, but it happens.

2.  Not enough time

Sometimes there just isn’t enough time to commit to a group of people that are very active in world.  You don’t want to feel like the anchor to their boat, so sometimes it’s best just not to join a group.

3.  Conflicting beliefs

Most groups in world are founded upon a set of beliefs.  Those beliefs may have to do with religion, politics, community, or a number of things.  And sometimes your beliefs just don’t mesh with theirs – it happens in RL, it can happen here too.

4. Loss of individuality

Some people feel that when joining a group they have to give up their individuality.  Although, I don’t feel the same way, I can understand the sentiment.  Sometimes belonging to something BIG can make you feel small.

5. Save the drama for your mama

With pretty much any group you are going to run into drama.  If you’re like me, you prefer to avoid drama which may make you think twice before changing your clan tag.  This isn’t to say that groups have drama all the time, but drama will exist no matter where you go.

If you are still on the fence and think you may want to join a group, I recommend you re-read this post after going back and reading the post about why you may want to join a group…. And if you’re still unsure, well then maybe you should talk to your Kaneva therapist (I think I just created a new in world job!).


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3 Responses to “To Join or Not to Join…. that tis the question”

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Yep, those are the reasons to not join a group. And when I place it side by side with the reasons TO join a group, its a very easy decision for me. I FAR prefer the family! (And you do too, SFN, my Mafia brother!)

I love that you are part of our family. I wouldn’t have it any other way.. Yes there is valid reasons to not join, but to me the reasons to join out weigh them.

Wow you have some major ass kissers. teach me your ways *hugs*

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