Are You Lonesome Tonight?

Posted on September 5, 2008. Filed under: Relationships | Tags: , , |

I was having a discussion about Kaneva relationships with a friend of mine tonight while we were hanging out in world.  The discussion made me realize how easy it can be to feel lonely in Kaneva.  You may have all of the friends in the world and even a great relationship with someone in real life, but in Kaneva (or any virtual world for that matter) you might feel a void.

That void might feel even more abundant when you start to fall for someone in game only to know that there is a good chance this will never happen (kinda reminds you of high school doesn’t it?).  Or it might open just a little more when you hear of another couples wedding or the murmurs of that four letter “L” word.  What if you had tons of people fighting for your attention, but the one person that you wanted was unattainable?  Would you still feel lonely – probably.

See, loneliness can creep up easily when you’ve set your sights on one person ignoring everyone else…. I don’t mean ignoring in the normal sense…. sure you talk with them and you joke with them, but there is still something missing because you have that other person on your mind.  I guess the point that I’m trying to make is – no matter which world you are in loneliness is your state of mind.

Sorry if this post didn’t make sense…. it’s getting late and I’m rambling.  Goodnight Kaneva!


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Sigh, Don’t be lonely baby..I’m here..*kisses

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