Good Riddance Douche Bag

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I’m soooooo sick of all of the whining…. “I hate Kaneva because they put out a bad update so now I’m going to leave” – that is very ignorant, rash, immature, and a slew of other descriptive words.  Why would you give up on something so quick?

especially since most of the issues are being addressed right now.

You know what’s worse then just leaving though? Leaving and insulting everyone you can right before you leave.

In comes JerryFromHia305 – Jerry was nice enough to call everyone in the mall retards and morons (I think).  Anyone who has seen Jerry on before (or any of his many, many, many alts) knows that he can’t make proper sentences for shit….. making his departing message even more enraging.

Before you threaten to leave and want to make it public or when you decide to leave and want to make it public you have to ask yourself – What impact have I made on the Kaneva community.  If the answer is “nothing” then you should probably think twice about being a drama queen upon your exit…. even if the answer is the complete opposite, you may want to think twice before making your exit public because there is a good chance you will come back and then you just may have to eat your words…. and word sandwiches taste awful.

Maybe a post addressing “how to leave gracefully” is in order.  Anyone have any ideas on how they would leave gracefully when and if they were to actually leave?

let me know in the comments below.

oh yeah – Jerry quit being a douche because your words will follow you when you return (and you will return).


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5 Responses to “Good Riddance Douche Bag”

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Yes, he will return. several times. as several avatars. its disturbing, really.

There is so many like this. I wish they would all have a nervous breakdown, cuss everyone out for a bit then be permabanned..

How to gracefully leave? Take a tip from Nike, and just (shutup and) do it. Ok, maybe that’s not a word-for-word quote.

I remember a couple who were leaving and had harsh words for kaneva and its members on the forums when they left. But he never really left, every single day he blasted videos, even a snyde one about kaneva to the friends on his friends list. To top it off he was going to build a better world to take kaneva down. Well, low and behold, a few short weeks later, guess who are both back in kaneva..and yes, we are all still here, no one took us down.

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